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The episode starts with Kavin reaching the beach. Another side Venba is crying remembering Kavin’s words. Ravi is looking for Kavin everywhere. Kavin says that he loved, trusted Venba a lot, and in return, she gave him only lies and betrayal. He thinks that his life would’ve been better if he hadn’t met her. Venba phones Kavin. Kavin cuts the call. Venba worries about Kavin and keeps dialing his number. Kavin gets into the water to kill himself. He receives Venba’s call and wishes to hear Venba’s voice for the last time. He attends the call. Venba apologizes to Kavin. She says that he meant the world to her and begs him to come back home. She pleads him to say something. Kavin cuts the call. Venba cries. Mallika and Yazhini watch Venba from far and smirk.

Yazhini says that Kavin is super angry so he refuses to talk to Venba. She asks if she can phone Kavin and console him. Mallika asks her not to call him now because he doesn’t listen to anyone when he’s angry, so asks her to wait until he himself calm down. Yazhini is scared that Kavin may get angry with her as well. Mallika assures her that she cleverly put all the blames on Venba so no need to worry. Mallika asks Yazhini to comfort Kavin when he will come back home. Yazhini says that they should throw Venba out of the house before Kavin comes back home.

Gowri hears Mallika and Yazhini and feels bad for Venba. She says that she can’t believe that Yazhini is her daughter. She praises Venba and her parents. Dharma thinks that Venba is her daughter and cries.

Kavin is unable to kill himself. He keeps wandering talking to himself. The passersby notice Kavin and takes him for a mentally sick person. Kavin hears them and angrily holds their coller and says that his wife betrayed him. The passersby understands his situation and apologize to him for badmouthing him.

Other hand of the beach a man is shown chasing few goons, who have stolen his bag. The man catches one goon and punches his face. The man’s face is shown and he turns to be Kavin look alike. The other goons run away. They bump into Kavin. Kavin beats the goons and take the bag from them. Kavin’s look alike thanks Kavin and says the bag is his. They both get shocked on seeing other other. Kavin asks who he’s. He looks exactly like him. Kavin’s look alike is also shocked and says that he’s lucky to meet him. He adds that he belongs to Coimbatore, he has come to Chennai looking for his mom. Kavin looks puzzled. Kavin’s look alike introduces himself as Navin and asks what’s his name. Kavin tells his name. Navin says that there’s rhyming in their names. Kavin doesn’t understand anything. Navin says that he will explain. He tells that his father name is Mohanraj and he’s a big businessman in Coimbatore. Navin shows his dad’s photo. Then he says that their mother name is Mallika. Kavin gets shocked hearing Navin. Navin says that he will tell the whole story and clear all his doubts.

The episode ends.