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The episode starts with Kavin and Venba sharing a romantic moment. Yazhini feels bad seeing them together. Kavin teases Venba saying to confess her love for him loudly. Venba says everyone in this family knows about it and they all are hell angry with her. Kavin ties her blouse knot.

Kavin asks if she knows what’s his favorite place in this world. Venba says London. Kavin says wrong. He pinches her waist saying this. Venba teases him calling a bad boy
Kavin says from tomorrow she has to accompany him to the office. He can’t stay away from her even for a second. Yazhini angrily leaves from there.

Yazhini comes downstairs blindfolding herself. She stumbles. Gowri holds her. Just then Mallika comes there. They ask Yazhini why she’s doing like this. Yazhini says Kavin loves Venba lot and she can’t bear them to see together. She cries. She asks why Kavin doesn’t understand that he’s in her heart. Mallika promises to Yazhini that she will not Kavin and Venba unite.

Yazhini requests Mallika to send Kavin with her to London on the pretext of selling their London house. She will manage to change his heart. Mallika says how she can change Kavin’s heart in just three days. She says it’s not easy to change Kavin’s heart. She knows what to do to separate Kavin and Venba and how to unite Yazhini and Kavin. Yazhini asks what if their first night happens. Mallika assures her it will not happen.

Ravi comes there bringing flowers and fruits. He says he has brought for Kavin and Venba’s wedding night’s decoration. Mallika, Yazhini and Gowri look shocked. Kavin comes there. The trio gets another shock knowing that Kavin asked Ravi to buy the flowers and the fruits. Ravi says Kavin is going to make arrangements for his own wedding night celebration. Kavin asks him to take everything upstairs.

Mallika asks Kavin what all this. They aren’t here to do this all. Kavin says they can, but they can’t go to the market, if they want, they can decorate their room. He then says he doesn’t know if Venba will like all this, so he will say they made all the arrangements and asks them to maintain it. He leaves. Yazhini says to Mallika to prove that she’s on her side by stopping Kavin and Venba’s first night. Mallika angrily looks on.

Ravi and Kavin are decorating the room. Venba comes to her room. She calls Kavin out and asks what is all this, what he’s doing. Kavin says Ravi brought all this to decorate their room for their first night celebration. Venba says Gowri and Yazhini will feel bad if they see it. Kavin says they can’t live all their live for others. Ravi comes there and starts lecturing to Venba. The latter leaves asking them to do whatever they want.

Mallika is wondering how to stop Kavin and Venba’s wedding night celebration. She sees the maid cooking. She asks for whom she’s making all dishes. The maid says Kavin asked to prepare Venba’s favorite dishes. Mallika gives the maid two months holidays with salary and asks her to leave immediately. Yazhini comes there and asks Mallika why she’s tensed. Mallika smirks looking at Venba coming downstairs.

The episode ends.