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The episode starts with Navin telling Kavin the love story of their parents. Navin says that their dad, Mohanraja and Dharma are business friends. While visiting Dharma’s house, Mohanraj met Mallika and fell in love with her. They got married and led a happy life. A fB of Mohanraj taking care of a pregnant Mallika is shown. Navin further says that their dad achieved lot of success in his life after their mom entered his life. Kavin asks how they got separated. Navin says that Mohanraj is an honnest person and wants to do everything in right way, exactly opposite to Mallika’s nature. When Mallika was pregnant, Mohanraj couldn’t spend quality time with her because of his business work. The differences between them increased and Mallika appealed for divorce and they got separated. Mallika gave birth for twins boys. Mallika took Kavin with her while Mohanraj took Navin with him. Mohanraj never revealed any details about Mallika to Navin, until he got teased in the school for not knowing his mother’s name. Kavin says that at least he knows this much information, but Mallika didn’t even tell him that he has a brother. Kavin wanted to go home immediately and question Mallika, but he hesitates because he left the house fighting with Venba. Navin gets happy knowing that Kavin is married. Navin convinces Kavin to go home.

On the way Kavin tells Navin that Mallika is everything for him and he got hurt knowing that she had hidden such a big truth from him. Navin asks if Mallika found a match for him and got him married. Kavin tells that his marriage was an adventurous one. Other side Venba is worried about Kavin and calls him, but Kavin cuts the call. Navin asks who’s calling him. Kavin says his wife. Navin asks him to attend the call, but Kavin asks him to sit quite if he wants to meet mom.

Venba decides to send a voice note to Kavin. Venba apologizes to Kavin and says that Kavin gave her the life that she can’t even imagine in her dream and says that Yazhini is responsible for everything. Yazhini provoked her and made her accept the challenge, but she turned the table and put all the blame on her. She cries and says that she’s an orphan raised by her Chithi. She doesn’t have anyone leaving him. She says that he should return home before tomorrow morning, if he doesn’t come, she will kill herself. She cries and waits for Kavin to listen to her voice note.

Kavin and Navin reach the house. They’re outside. Kavin says that Mallika will get happy on seeing Navin, but he’s furious with Mallika for hiding the truth from him and going to confront Mallika. Kavin asks Navin not to come between them. Navin says that Mallika shouldn’t know about him. He further says that Mallika will not accept him instead she will vent out their dad’s anger on him. Kavin says that Mallika’s anger will vansish seeing her son and will accept him. Navin says if what he says is true, she would’ve come to meet him and dad or told to him about their dad and him. Navin says that he just wants to spend few days with their mom and asks Kavin to let him enter the family as Kavin. He will live with mom as Kavin for some days. Then he will go back to Coimbatore with those memories. Navin pleads with Kavin to agree.

The episode ends.