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The episode starts with Mallika saying to Yazhini that Venba will cook hereafter for everyone. Yazhini gets glad. She says Venba will spend more time with Kavin if she has so much free time in hand. Mallika says everything has an end. From now on Venba has to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dharma overhears them and thinks that his daughter will overcome this too. Venba comes to the kitchen and searches for the cook. Mallika says the cook left the job because Gowri scolded her. Mallika says she will cook the dinner. Venba says she will cook for all them, her chithi has teached her cooking too. Kavin calls out Venba. The latter says not to stop her, she’s going to cook. Kavin suggests ordering food online. Mallika says outside food will not suit her health and also Dharma shouldn’t eat outside food in this condition. Venba says she will cook and goes to the kitchen.

Venba is seen preparing the dinner. Yazhini brings the vessels and says the cook left without washing it. Venba says she will do. Kavin comes to kitchen saying it smells so good. He adds that he doesn’t know that she cook so well. Kavin back hugs Venba. She asks him to leave as she has to cook. Yazhini says to Gowri and Mallika that she has asked Venba to wash vessel. She will finish all her work around midnight only.

The trio rejoice. Kavin makes Venba sits on the kitchen counter and starts making chappati. Ena sola edhu sola song plays in the background. Mallika says after doing all this work, Venba will sleep getting tired. Gowri says then she should cook daily. Mallika says for three months, she has to cook. Kavin ties Venba’s hand with a towel and continues to cook.

Yazhini takes Mallika and Gowri to the kitchen to see Venba struggling. However the trio get shocked seeing Kavin washing the vessels. Mallika remembers how Kavin used to order the servants and leave for office. She says Kavin has changed. Yazhini asks Mallika to do something. Mallika asks her to stay quite. Kavin then cleans the kitchen counter. He tastes the curry and it’s very tasty.

Venba asks to untie her hands so that she can also taste it. Kavin shows the corner of his lips where little curry is left and asks to taste it from there. Yazhini, Mallika and Gowri feel irritated seeing this. They leave. It gets revealed that Kavin noticed them. He says to Venba that Mallika has intentionally sent the cook so they can trouble her. He got it in the beginning itself so wanted to order food online. Venba gets surprised hearing this. Kavin then gets romantic with Venba.

The episode ends.