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The episode starts with Kavin calling his family members to the dinning table. He says Venba suddenly decided to cook for all, but how he can let her cook and allow people points out at Mallika that she’s making her daughter-in-law do all the works, so he has cooked dinner.

Mallika asks to bring Venba to serve the dinner. Kavin brings Venba and makes her sit. He says his mom wishes that she have the dinner with them.Yazhini and Gowri make faces tasting the kurma. Gowri says it doesn’t taste like regular kurma. Venba says this is salna that’s usually served in road side hotels. Kavin says this is Venba’s favorite dish. Gowri, Yazhini and Mallika make a disgusting faces. Kavin forces them to eat.

Ravi comes there to say bye to Kavin and Venba. The latter insists Ravi to have dinner here. Gowri, Yazhini and Mallika get up using this opportunity. Ravi says his sister must be waiting for him and leaves. Kavin sits to have dinner. He asks Venba to go to their room and wait for him.

Venba says she’s feeling sleepy. Kavin asks her not to sleep, he will bring milk. Venba agrees and leaves. Mallika says to Kavin that the next day she will call back the cook, so he needn’t to cook hereafter. She angrily leaves. Kavin sarcastically says his mom is worlds best mother-in-law, who doesn’t want her daughter-in-law to do household work.

Venba takes food for Dharma and feeds him. Kavin calls out his mom. Mallika, Gowri and Yazhini come. Kavin shows them Venba feeding Dharma. He asks Yazhini if she had feed at least once her dad after he got discharged from the hospital. He then adds he married a good girl.

Dharma thinks he got the opportunity to have food from his daughter’s hands, but her mom didn’t get this opportunity yet. Dharma cries. Venba wipes his tears. Yazhini and Gowri fume. Gowri says Mallika will not believe Venba’s drama. Yazhini asks how they’re going to stop Kavin and Venba’s first night.

Yazhini goes to Kavin and Venba’s room. She gets furious seeing the decorations. She shouts no and spoils all the decorations. She says she was a good girl, who never thinks bad for anyone, but Venba changed her like this. She says she will not let them celebrate their first night. She removes the door lock with the screwdriver. Otherside Kavin is seen working in his laptop. He finishes his work and goes upstairs. He sees Yazhini coming out of his room.

He asks if she needs anything. Yazhini says she wants him, but that will not happen now. Kavin tries to explain her. He says he likes her but not in the way she wants. Yazhini asks him to stop his lectures. Kavin says their life will be good, when she will accept their marriage. Yazhini taunts him and goes downstairs. Kavin rushes to his room. He gets shocked seeing the mess in the room. He decides to decorate the room again.

Yazhini goes to Kitchen. She sees Venba boiling milk. Venba asks what she would like to have with milk. Yazhini asks to mix poison in her milk. Venba looks shocked.

The episode ends.