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The episode starts with Kavin and Venba entering the court disguised as lawyers. The inspector brings Shanmugam. Venba gets happy on seeing her dad. Saradha and family meet Shanmugam. They ask each other how they are doing. Venba gets sad that Shanmugam hasn’t asked for her. Kavin convinces her. Shanmugam then asks for Venba. Saradha remains silent. The inspector takes Shanmugam inside.

The case hearing starts. Shanmugam’s lawyer tells Shanmugam is innocent and Shanthi had placed drugs in Shanmugam’s car. The judge questions Shanthi. The lawyer handovers Shanthi’s statement to the judge. Shanthi admits she had placed drugs in Shanmugam’s car. The lawyer tells Dharma gave Shanthi money to frame Shanmuga in order to take revenge on Saradha. He asks to arrest and investigate Dharma. Shanthi lies that she doesn’t know any Dharma. She’s a drug dealer and on seeing Police she had run away leaving the drugs on Shanmugam’s car. Saradha tells she’s lying and asks her to speak the truth. The judge warns Saradha to be silent. Shanthi apologizes to Saradha with hands gestures. The judge declares Shanmugam is innocent and releases him from all charges. Venba, Kavin, Saradha and family get happy.

Shanmugam goes to Saradha. The latter tells she was certain that he will be acquitted. Shanmugam tells she has won by fighting alone. Anbu wonders why Shanthi lied. Kalai tells Dharam would have threatened him. Saradha also agrees. Shanmugam asks for Venba. He tells he wants to meet his daughter. Saradha tells Venba went to coimbatore getting a new job. Shanmugam asks they didn’t tell him about it, if everything is all right. Saradha tells all right. Venba is overjoyed and kisses Kavin on his cheek.

Deeba tells they house happiness has returned after Shanmugam’s return. Kalai and Anbu asks Shanmugam to take care of himself and not to worry about anything. Shanmugam asks again about Venba. Nandhini tells she was waiting to hear Saradha’s answer. Shanmugam tells she doesn’t change at all. Saradha tells Venba got a nice and left for coimbatore. Kalai and Anbu tell she’s staying with her friend and she’s safe. Shanmugam asks but Venba could have wait until he gets released why she hurriedly left for coimbatore. Nandhini tells he got released because of Venba’s sacrifice. Shanmugam looks puzzled.

Shanmugam asks Saradha what Nandhini is telling. Nandhini asks him to ask her as no one will be able to answer his. Shanmugam says he wants to know from Saradha. Saradha tells everything depends on how on see the matter. Shanmugam is confused. He asks someone to explain what’s happening. Nandhini tells Yazhini thought Venba and Kavin love each other. Saradha stops her. She tells it’s true that Yazhini had doubted Venba and she is behind Venba leaving for coimbatore but Yazhini was wrong. She has full trust on her daughter. Shanmugam doubts Venba might have loved Kavin. Saradha denies. She tells Kavin only loved Venba but she didn’t love him and to prove the same she left for Coimbatore. Shanmugam wishes to talk to Venba. Saradha video calls Venba. The latter panicks on seeing Saradha calling her. Kavin assures her and asks to speak.

The episode ends.