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The episode begins with Thiru tells Kavin love Venba but not Venba. Saradha had told him everything. Even if Venba loved him, it would be her past, so that Venba hasn’t come to talk to them. Anjali and Raja try to convince him, but he’s not ready to listen to them and leaves.

Kavin tells Ravi he’s going to talk to Thiru straight away and stop this marriage. He leaves. Mallika’s goon kidnaps Kavin before that. They take him in their car. They phone Mallika to inform her the same. Mallika tells a plan which is muted. Saradha family is waiting for Saradha and Shanmugam. Raja asks Anjali to stay quiet. They try to convince Thiru but couldn’t and he’s not completely wrong, Venba didn’t say a word till now.

Everyone are worried where’s Saradha. Mallika suggests to exchange the engagement plates. It’s not a marriage, the engagement can happen without parents present and gives as example Venba and Kavin’s engagement. Deeba tells that situation is different. Mallika tells if they don’t have any objection, she can exchange plates being in the place of Saradha. She asks Venba’s opinion. Venba remains silent. Thiru and Bagyalakshmi come. Bagyalakshmi apologizes for the delay. She tells Saradha has phoned her.

A FB is shown Saradha tells Bagyalakshmi that Shanmugam wants the engagement to happen with the presence of all their family members. Bagyalakshmi agrees and she tells she will inform this to everyone later. FB ends. Everyone is shocked. Bagyalakshmi tells the engagement can not happen today, but it will definitely happen either at their house or Saradha’s house and they will invite them for the engagement.

She tells to Venba none daughter would like to get engaged without her parents and asks if she’s happy now. Venba nods yes. Mallika tells Venba isn’t Saradha’s daughter, she’s an orphan. Bagyalakshmi tells Saradha already told everything about Venba, Mallika doesn’t need to say anything. Venba mouths a thank you to Raja and Anjali.

Kavin and Ravi are shown tying to a chair. Mallika signs the goons to go away. The left the gate open and leave. Mallika tells Yazhini the person, who phoned her, gave this address and tells don’t know what they did to my son. Mallika and Yazhini finds Kavin and Ravi. They untie them. Yazhini asks who kidnapped him. Kavin and Ravi look towards Mallika. They tell they don’t know. Mallika thinks she kidnapped them so that they don’t try to stop Venba’s engagement.

Ravi asks how they got to know about their whereabouts. Yazhini tells Mallika got anonymous call. Mallika tells Kavin he missed a big scene at the resort. Ravi asks if she’s talking about Kavin and Venba’s engagement. Mallika tells no, but it will soon happen as both families agreed. Kavin asks why the engagement hasn’t happened today. Yazhini tells it’s got postponed since Sevandhi’s parents are out of city. Mallika takes Kavin with him. Ravi thinks how Mallika can do like this with her own son.

The episode ends.