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The episode starts with Kavin assuring Venba that he will put a full stop for this problem today. Ravi tells he can’t believe Kavin, he will not be able to tell the truth if he sees his mom or Yazhini, so he will send this recording to Thiru. He wonders how to get Thiru’s number. Ravi notices Thiru coming from the opposite side. He lies to Thiru he missed his phone and asks to make a call to his number from his phone. Ravi gets Thiru’s number. He sends the recording to Thiru.

Yazhini snatches Thiru’s phone before he could check the video. Yazhini accuses him of stealing her money. Kavin and Venba hide on seeing everyone gathered. Saradha asks Thiru if he knows Yazhini. Thiru admits he knows Yazhini and it’s true her money was stolen but he’s not thief. Yazhini tells he’s lying and scolds him. Raja and Anjali tries to calm Yazhini, as it may affect their company’s name. The latter tells she can’t be quite seeing her sister like Venba’s life getting ruined.

Anjali requests Thiru to tell the truth. Saradha tells she can’t believe that he can be a thief but at the same she can’t doubt Yazhini’s words. Thiru tells few thief ran away stealing her bag. He was chasing them. That time a girl helped him but she ran away taking the bag. They all ask who is that girl. Thiru tells Saradha’s daughter Venba. Everyone is taken aback. Yazhini tells he’s lying. Saradha asks how it’s possible, Venba returned from coimbatore yesterday only. Yazhini tells yesterday only her bag got stolen, but he’s planning something. Saradha asks Kalai to bring Venba.

Saradha asks Venba if she knows him. Thiru asks Venba to tell the truth. Raja asks if Venba was a thief, why he agreed to marry her. Anjali tells either they both are culprit or he’s lying. Saradha tells Venba isn’t like that. Everyone asks Venba to speak. Venba tells she went to a toy shop to buy horse toy for Kalai’s kid. She saw Thiru chasing the thieves.

Yazhini asks why she ran away with the bag then. Yazhini tells she saw Yazhini there and got scared so run away as she left the city following her condition. Thiru tells like Yazhini misunderstood him, he misunderstood Venba. He apologizes to Venba. Yazhini also apologizes to Thiru. Thiru tells even though he agreed for this marriage for his mom, he felt something wrong but now his confusion is cleared and he agrees for this marriage whole heartly. Everyone gets happy while Venba and Kavin are shocked.

Kavin phones Yazhini. He lies one friend called and informed him that he saw the thief who had stolen her bag in a matrimonial program and he’s going there. Yazhini tells she is in that program and saw the thief. Later Kavin meets Yazhini. She explains him how she misunderstood Thiru as a thief and Thiru’s marriage got fixed Venba. Kavin acts as he’s doesn’t know anything. She takes Kavin to Thiru. Bagyalakshmi asks Saradha why she’s tensed.

Saradha tells she can’t reach her husband to inform him about Venba’s engagement. Bagyalakshmi tells she can understand her. Shanmugam finds the house locked. He phones Saradha. He asks where they’re all. Saradha tells they all have come for her former student’s company’s inauguration. They have found a good marriage alliance for Venba. Shanmugam gets excited and asks for more details. She tells she will tell him by coming there. Saradha informs her family and leaves.

The same day evening, Kalai and Anbu are wondering why their parents aren’t reached yet. Hosts announce that there will be lot of dance performances and welcome the judge Suja who will comment the performances. Anjali is seen getting ready for her and Raja’s performance. Raja asks Anjali to get ready fast. Anjali compliments Raja. They share a romantic moment. Raja leaves. Magathy fumes seeing Raja and Anjali’s romance. She locks Anjali’s room from outside. Anjali tries to open the door. she gets shocked knowing the door is locked. She shouts to get help.

Hosts announce Anjali and Raja will give the first performance. Anjali and Raja dances on Butta Bomma. Magathy gets shocked. She wonders how Anjali came out of the room. Venba tells her she opened Anjali’s room door and FB is shown Venba helping Anjali. Venba advises her and leaves. Ravi notices Mallika signing something to few goons. He finds something fishy and goes to tell it to Kavin.

Kavin and Ravi overhear the goons and Mallika’s conversation. The goons tell they all prepared and will spoil the even when she will order them. Mallika tells plan cancel.Venba and Thiru’s engagement should happen without any problem and ask them to take care of it. She asks to kill whoever will try to stop this engagement and in any case the engagement doesn’t happen, Venba shouldn’t be alive.

The episode ends.