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The episode starts with anchor questioning Kavin about lifting Venba up while dancing. Kavin says Venba was always hurt and he doesn’t want her to struggle more so he lifted her up. When Saradha asked Yazhini who has won, Yazhini says Kavin, Venba. Nandhini isn’t happy that Kavin, Venba have won. Mallika calls Dharma and asks about the winner.

Dharma says Kavin, Venba won the title. Mallika gets irritated knowing that Venba is still alive. Saradha appreciates her sons and daughter-in-law for their dance performances. She looks for Venba and finds her nowhere. Yazhini also comes there searching for Kavin. Gomathinayaga, who has went to look for venba, comes and tells he can’t find Venba. Yazhini thinks both Kavin and Venba are missing at the same time.

In the hospital, Kavin is seen walking lifting Venba up in his arms. He places her on the bed and tells the nurse that she had steped on the glass pieces and lost lot of blood and asks to treat her. The nurse goes to call the doctor. Venba gets conciousness and asks what happened. Kavin says she fainted and he takes her to the hospital. The doctor comes and starts treating Venba. He asks kavin to wait outside.

Venba’s family is worried for Venba. Yazhini is worried for Kavin. Saradha asks Yazhini to call Kavin and asks to put the call in loudspeaker. Kavin picks the call and tells about Venba. Everyone gets shocked and asks Kavin where he took her. Kavin gives the hospital address.

Saradha and yazhini are in the car on the way to the hospital. Saradha worries for Venba and shares it with Yazhini. The latter recalls how Kavin behaved when she got hurt and thinks Kavin didn’t take her to the hospital and cries.

Doctors tells Venba not to step down for 2 days. The nurse asks Kavin to help Venba to put the injection on the waist. When Venba asks Kavin to go out, the nurse says he is her husband and asks Kavin to hold Venba. He does so and the nurse injects her.

Saradha and Yazhini reach the hospital. Saradha calls a nurse and sends Yazhini with her to take X-ray. She sees Venba, Kavin coming her way and asks how is Venba now. Kavin assures her saying doctor gave medicines and injected her. Saradha says he could have informed when Venba fainted, she would have taken Venba to the hospital.

Kavin tells Venba is her responsibility. When Saradha looks at him confused, he says Venba participated in the competition for him and also she is his staff. Yazhini also comes there and tells doctors gave her medicines and asked to take bed rest for two days. Kavin says doctor gave same instruction for Venba. He offers to accompany Saradha and Venba till their home. When Venba is about to fall Kavin rushes to hold Venba leaving behind Yazhini, who looks on sad.

Venba, Kavin, Saradha and Yazhini reach Saradha’s house. Deeba welcomes them. She asks Venba, Kavin to stand together and takes their aarti. Everyone congratulates Venba, Kavin Nandhini questions says even Yazhini got hurt, he didn’t run to hospital taking her, but he took Venba to the hospital when she got unconscious. Saradha says Yazhini is his would be wife and Venba is his staff and if something happened to Venba, he have to answer her family so he took her to the hospital. Kavin agrees with Saradha and says he doesn’t know what to do when she fainted and took her to the hospital. When Kavin gives the check of 25 lakhs to Saradha, she refuses to take it saying it’s his money, but Kavin Yazhini convince Saradha and give the check to her.

Nandhini and Deivenayagi are discussing about Venba. Nandhini says there’s something between Venba and Kavin as Gomathinayaga told her and wonders how Saradha didn’t notice it. Deivanayagi says she is fooling everyone with her innocent face. They are certain there’s love between them. Sevandhi overhears them.

Sevandhi and Venba discuss about Kavin. Sevandhi questions Venba if she doesn’t love him, how she can dance with him and win the competition. Venba says she participated as Saradha asked her. Sevandhi advises her not to miss Kavin who loves her as she knows the pain of love failure. She asks to admit her love for Kavin before Saradha finds it herself and questions her. Venba denies. Sevandhi asks Venba to close her eyes and counts till 10 and tells whose face she is seeing. Venba tells her she will see Saradha’s face and asks Sevandhi to go. When Sevandhi went, Venba close her eyes and counts 10 and sees Kavin kissing her and then their dance. She opens her smiling.

At Mallika’s mansion, Dharma expresses his joy for Kavin winning the competition, while Mallika is unhappy since Kavin win the title along with Venba who is an orphan. Kavin, Yazhini come there. Mallika makes Yazhini sit anda asks how is she. Yazhini tells her leg is paining. When Kavin says he goes to take rest, Mallika stoos and asks to take Yazhini to her room. Kavin does so. Mallika tells Dharma that Kavin has changed.

The episode ends