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The episode starts with Kavin Stopping Venba and telling he wants to her something. Kavin says he likes Venba’s character. He wants to say i love you Venba but instead he says i like you Venba. The latter takes leave. She turns one time and looks at Kavin. The latter gets happy.

At Mallika’s home, everyone is gathered in hall. Guru ji is also present. Mallika asks Kavin to sit and says Guriji asked to do his and Yazhini’s engagement before day after tomorrow. Kavin is shocked and tries to postpone his engagement. Mallika firmly says the engagement will happen before the date told by Guru ji and they all are going to do engagement shopping tomorrow. Guruji warns if the engagement didn’t happen before day after tomorrow 9:30, Kavin’s life will change.

Mallika’s goons call her and informs they spotted Venba. Mallika asks to kill Venba and shows it to her live through the video call. Mallika says to herself that While she is going to celebrate Kavin’s engagement ceremony Saradha will be morning over her daughter’s death.

The goons follow Venba in their jeeb. Suddenly the jeep hit a tree and stops. Mallika calls the goons and scolds them. The goons calls Dharma and informs they did as he told them. Dharma thanks them and asks to keep the matter secret.

Kavin didn’t sleep as he is disturbed thinking about his engagement. He calls Venba. The latter is sleeping. She cuts the call without checking who is calling her. Kavin calls her again. Venba sees Kavin’s name on the screen and wonders why he calls her at midnight.

Kavin says he wants to talk about something important to her. He informs about his engagement and says he doesn’t like this marriage. She asks to tell this to his mom or to the girl(Yazhini). Kavin says he wants to talk to someone and share his worries. Venba says they will talk about it tomorrow in the office, but Kavin insists to speak now. Venba says he thinks about himself only. He should understand her situation. if someone finds her speaking in phone late night and asks with whom she is speaking, she can’t lie to her parents. Her family members may misinterpret it. That time Shanmugam knocks on Venba’s room door and asks with whom she is talking at this time. Venba lies she is talking with her friend as it’s her birthday. Shanmugam asks the phone so he can also wish her friend. Venba lies again that she is in conference call. Shanmugam takes the headache and leaves. Kavin pulls her leg saying she said she doesn’t lie to her parents, but just now she told two lies. Venba feels embarrassed and wonders why she lied instead of telling the truth. Kavin requests to find an idea to stop his engagement. Venba says she will tell him when she will get an idea and cuts the call.

Mallika and Gowri are discussing about engagement shopping. Yazhini comes there. Mallika asks if she is happy. Yazhini says she was never happy this much in her life. Dharma is not happy and leaves from there. Kavin is about to go to the office, but Mallika stops him asking to take leave as they are going for engagement shopping. Kavin insists saying he has an urgent work and will join them after his work completed. Mallika is firm in her decision. She says after returning from shopping, they have to select ring for Yazhini. Kavin insists saying he will come directly to the shop after his work is done. Dharma supports Kavin and asks him to go.

At office, Kavin recalls Mallika’s words about his engagement and the time he had spent with Venba.

The episode ends.