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The episode starts with Kavin saying to Ravi that his mom suddenly fainted and when they rushed to the hospital, the doctor told she got a mild attack. Then the morning she said his mom is fine. Kavin says he doesn’t know what to do, everyday their first night gets spoiled for some reasons.

Kavin feels bad for Venba that she is bearing everyone’s hatred. He wishes that Mallika accepts Venba especially Yazhini. Ravi assures Kavin that Venba will win everyone’s heart. Just then Kavin gets Venba’s phone. She says that she has prepared his favorite dishes for lunch and asks him to guess what they’re. Kavin says he’s coming home for lunch.

Venba says no need, she will send lunch to his office, because if he comes home, he will not go back to office. Kavin insists, but Venba firmly says no. She cuts the call. Yazhini overhears Venba’s conversation.

Yazhini notices Venba going out of the kitchen. She goes inside and tastes the food made by Venba. She finds it delicious and gets scared that Mallika may start liking Venba. She puts lot of salt to spoil the dishes. She runs outside. Venba comes there taking tiffin carrier and packs lunch for Kavin. She hands it over to the driver. The driver says he’s happy that she has come to take care of Kavin. Venba gives a smile.

Mallika, Gowri sit at the dining table. Mallika calls out Yazhini to have lunch. Yazhini takes bread. Venba asks why she’s not having the food prepared by her. Yazhini reacts rudely and walks away taking the breads. Mallika laughs. She asks Venba to let Yazhini have what she wants. Venba serves food to Gowri and Mallika. The latter asks what she has prepared for lunch to which Venba says she has prepared Kavin’s favorite dishes.

Gowri taunts Venba. Yazhini is waiting that Mallika will scold Venba after having the first bite, but Mallika says the food is delicious. Yazhini wonders how it could be possible. Gowri says they should ask Venba to stop cooking else she may mesmerize Kavin making such delicious food. Mallika says there’s no need, they should let the kite fly high before cutting it. Venba brings Payasam for them. She says she didn’t even give it to Kavin, she made it after sending lunch for him. She asks how it’s. Mallika pretends to praise Venba while Gowri taunts Venba.

Kabir is waiting for lunch. The driver brings the lunch. Kavin says to Ravi Venba has sent lunch for him too. Ravi open the tiffin carrier and his mouth is watering seeing the dishes. He also finds a letter and shows it to Kavin.

The episode ends.