The episode begins with Mallika asking Kavin, Yazhini to go to the temple. Later She reveals to Dharma that Kavin, Yazhin won’t accept Saradha as their ennemy that’s why she agreed for Saradha performing the parigaram. Mallika tells she won’t allow Saradha to take advantage of this situation to trouble her. She calls Deveraj and informs that Saradha and Venba will be in the Amman temple and asks him to go there taking some goons from other state as Kavin will be also present there.

When Deeba gives a glass of milk to Saradha, she refuses to drink as she has to perform the puja in empty syomach. She tells she feels pity for Yazhini and wants to help her. Venba tells she wants to accompany them. Nandhini also wants to come as she feels go to the temple. Saradha and Shanmugam agree. Venba worries how she will perform the parigaram with Nandhini’s presence.

In temple, Kavin prays to Goddess for Venba’s safety. He regrets his act as it may kill Venba. He asks Goddess to save his venba. When he opens his eyes, he finds Yazhini in front of him. She us happy that Kavin cares for her and prayers for savety to Goddess. She cries saying that she has mistaken him and leaves. Kavin apologizes to Yazhini for lying to her.

In Saradha’s house, Deeba and Kalai discuss about Nandhini. He tells Nandhini is acting as being nice in front of all. He doubts she may have any plan. He wants to convey this to Chithi. Deepa says she knows about everyone very well and she’s certain that chithi also knows about it. Deeba tells she has told to Nandhini to act like this till Navarathri ends.

In the temple, Yazhini worries to complete the parigaram without any mistake. Kavin also worries that Venba should do the parigaram correctly. When Saradha comes along with Shanmugam,Venba and Nandhini. Yazhini holds Saradha’s and cries thanking her. Kavin worries seeing Nandhini. The latter thinks in mind she will find out what’s Venba and Kavin are hiding.

In Saradha’s house, Deeba tells to Kalai that Anbu asked her help and goes to a flashback where Anbu tells to Deeba that she can’t see Nandhini insulting Chithi in front of the guests and asks her to give an idea. She suggests to talk openly with Nandhini and asks her to act being nice for 9 days.

Yazhini, Kavin, Saradha and her family meet the priest. He praises Saradha for accepting to do fasting for someone else. Saradha says Yazhini is also like her daughter. The priest sees Kavin and recalls Kavin telling him that Venba should give the thali to Saradha and he should help him for that. The priest tells to Yazhini that she has to walk on her knees on the rock salt that he will spread around the temple. She should hold the lamp in one hand and on another the thali. While she will be taking the rounds, Saradha and Shanmugam should do the Goddess puja. After completing the three round, Yazhini should give the thali to Saradha. Venba worries how she will perform the parigaram in front of Saradha and looks at Kavin, who signs he will take care of everything. Nandhini notices them and wonders what’s the matter.

When Venba tells she wants to be with Yazhini as she’s worried for her, Saradha tells Yazhini will complete the parigaram successfully and asks Venba to pray to God and tells Nandhini to go with Venba.

Deveraj and goons reach temple and look for Venba. He sees Venba praying to Goddess. He hides behind the wall and tells to the goons they should kidnap the girl who is wearing pink color saree and praying to Goddess. When the goons see, Nandhini is standing in Venba’s place and she’s also wearing pink color saree. The goons thinks she’s Venba and assure Deveraj they will complete the task.

When the priest asks to pour water on the girl who is going to puja, Kavin pours the water first on Venba who is sitting next to Yazhini intentionally and apologizes saying he slipped and pours the water on Yazhini.

Yazhini starts the parigaram. She cries in pain when she kneels down on the salt and starts doing the puja. Otherside Saradha and Shanmugam doing puja. Saradha feels dizziness as she didn’t eat anything since 3 days. When the priest and Shanmugam ask her ti drink at least water, she refuses saying Siddhar told to do the puja in empty stomach.

Yazhini is doing parigaram. Kavin leaves the place asking Nandhini to be with Yazhini. Nandhini goes to look for Kavin. The latter goes to Venba and asks her to start the parigaram. When Venba hesitates, Kavin says he will die. Venba finally agrees and starts the parigaram. Both Yazhini and Venba are walking on the salt holding the lamp and thali on each hand. Nandhini, who is looking for Kavin, sees Venba taking rounds and gets shocked. A goon come from behind and places a cloth with chloroform on Nandhini’s nose and takes her from there.

In Saradha’s house, Deeba and Kalai’s daughter gets an electric shock and falls unconscious. Deeba, Kalai, Anbu take her to the hospital.

In the temple, Saradha and Shanmugam are performing the puja. Otherside Yazhini and Venba are taking rounds.

The episode ends.