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The episode starts with Anuradha telling to Saradha that Yazhini does the same gesture that she usually does which shocks Saradha. The latter recalls her moments with Yazhini. Anuradha tells she doesn’t know if what she felt is true or not but she wanted to share it with her.  She knows how much her friend suffers thinking about her lost daughter that’s why she shared it with her and takes her leave. Saradha recalls Siddhar’s words and looks at dark sky where thunders are rattling. It starts raining. Shanmugam takes Saradha inside.


Saradha walks towards Yazhini lost in her thoughts. She caresses her cheeks and hands and gets emotional looking at her. When Nandhini calls Saradha to do the puja, the latter doesn’t respond. Shanmugam comes near her and asks what happened. Finally Saradha responds when Venba calls her chithi. She caresses Venba’s cheek and then looks at both Yazhini and Venba.

When Shanmugam asks what happened. She recalls Siddhar words that if the truth comes out, Shanmugam will die and stops. She walks towards the copper pot and looks at flowers on the water and recalls Siddhar’s words that she will see her daughter’s face in the vermilion water. When Deeba tells Saradha to start the puja, the latter signs Deeba to do the puja. Everyone wonders what happened to Saradha.

Kalai and Shanmugam convince Deeba to do the puja. Nandhini and Deeba starts performing the puja. Saradha looks at Yazhini, who’s sitting beside her. She again recalls Siddhar telling she will see her daughter on the 9th day of Golu puja. She removes the flowers from the copper pot and puts the vermilion given by Siddhar into the water. Suddenly wind starts blowing and rain gets heavier with thunder rattling. Everyone gets scared. The puja lamp blows off. When Yazhini lights the puja lamp, Saradha sees Yazhini’s face in the vermilion water.

 Saradha looks at Yazhini and a tear drops from her eye. Saradha hugs Yazhini and cries. Everyone wonders what happened to Saradha. Suddenly the wind and rain stops. Shanmugam calls Saradha by her name and asks why she is crying. Saradha realises the situation and recalls Siddhar telling if the truth comes out, Shanmugam will die. Saradha goes to her room without answering to Shanmugam’s questions. She closes the door and cries merging her back to the door.


Shanmugam says to everyone thay Saradha might be tired due to the Navarathri preparations and fasting and asks not to worry. He tells Deeba and Nandhini to continue the puja. Otherside in room Saradha is crying. In hall Deeba and Nandhini complete puja. Venba is worried for Saradha.


Deeba gives the thambulam to the guests while Nandhini and Venba give sundal to the guests. Inside the room Saradha is crying recalling her moments with Yazhini. She looks at God’s photo on the wall and tells she can neither call Yazhini her daughter nor she can tell to her husband that Yazhini is their daughter. She cries telling her grief to God.

Venba worries for Saradha and asks to Shanmugam what happened to Chithi. Shanmugam tells Saradha is worried about something but she doesn’t want to share it with him. When Venba asks if she can go and check, Shanmugam stops. Kavin and Yazhini are waiting for Saradha to take her leave. Kavin notices Venba keeps glancing at him. He smiles and winks at her. Venba goes inside on the pretext of drinking water while Kavin smiles.


Nandhini phones Mallika and asks if she really has ennemity with Saradha. She tells Yazhini and Kavin are here since one hour and Yazhini is bonding well with Saradha. She asks Mallika to keep Yazhini and Kavin away from Saradha telling Saradha is dangerous. Mallika shares with Dharma that Kavin and Yazhini are at Saradha’s house. Dharma phones Yazhini and asks where she is. Yazhini lies that they are in nearby mall and they will home. Dharma decides not to let Yazhini get closer to Saradha.


Shanmugam knocks on the closed door and calls Saradha to come out and have food but she’s not responding. Other family members also come there and ask Saradha to come out, but no response. Finally Yazhini, Kavin come there and Yazhini knocks on the door requesting Saradha to come out. Saradha finally comes out. Shanmugam asks if she’s not well. Saradha nods no. Shanmugam tells Yazhini is waiting for her.


Saradha gives Yazhini tambulam and applies vermilion on her forehead. Yazhini takes her blessings. Saradha looks at Yazhini cuping her cheeks while everyone looks at them amazed.


The episode ends.