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The episode starts with Venba remembering Thiru’s mom telling that the engagement will be postponed. Venba tells Sevandhi that she just escaped from the engagement. She tells Kavin has to do something to find a permanent solution for this problem. Sevandhi asks why she can’t reveal the truth to her family.

Venba tells she doesn’t want Saradha have a bad impression on Kavin, then it will be very difficult for her to change Saradha’s mindset. Kavin stopped the engagement at the resort talking to Anjali like that he has to do something now. Sevandhi asks where was Kavin when Mallika was adamant that the engagement should happen now itself. Venba tells Mallika must’ve done something with Kavin.

Venba phones Kavin. The latter keeps cutting her call as he’s with Mallika and Yazhini. Mallika and Yazhini ask him to answer the call. Kavin pretends to talk to his friend. Venba tells her chithi openly told that she liked Thiru and Thiru family also said they liked her, so the engagement can happen if not today tomorrow, so she requests him to talk to her chithi soon. Kavin assures her and cuts the call. Kavin asks to stop the car as he has to meet his one friend. Mallika says no, they got call from the hospital and going there. Sevandhi tells Venba that Kavin clearly said she’s his property so don’t worry. She further tells Kavin will himself call her when he will be alone.

Kavin, Mallika and Kavin are shocked on seeing Dharma in a wheelchair. Doctor tells they saved Dharma’s life but his full body got paralyzed. Yazhini, Mallika cry. Kavin assures Dharma that he will get well soon. He asks doctor to do something to make him well. Doctor tells he’s sorry, he can’t do anything. Yazhini cries calling out dad.

Ravi comes to the hospital. He signs Kavin to come. Kavin consoles Mallika and Yazhini. Kavin goes to meet Ravi. The latter tells Venba kept calling him. He dials her number and gives the phone to Kavin. Venba asks Kavin where he went leaving her in a difficult situation at the resort. Kavin tells his mom kidnapped him.

Venba gets stunned. He further tells he hesitates to tell the truth because he’s worried that her mom will harm Venba. He tells her engagement would get canceled in anyway because our love is true. He tells he can come and talk to her chithi now itself, but the situation isn’t right. Dharma got saved because of the blood given by her, but his full body got paralyzed.

Venba feels bad for him. She tells he wanted to tell her lot of things when she had admitted him at the hospital but he wasn’t able to speak. She further tells she doesn’t know understand why but she wanted him to get saved. She asks Kavin to take care of him. Kavin agrees and cuts the call. Kavin sees Mallika and Yazhini coming that way searching for him.

Sevandhi tells Venba has a big heart so she gave blood to save the person who tried to kill her. Venba tells she might have any blood relation with Dharma in her previous birth so she gets affected by him. Dharma placing the baby(Venba) in Saradha’s car is shown.

The episode ends.