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The episode starts with Venba and Kavin praying to God. Venba applies Vibuthi to Kavin. The latter tries to get romantic. Venba reminds him they are in the puja room. God will punish him. Kavin says that God have united them. Kavin asks Venba to accompany him to buy grocery.

He says he’s her wife, they’re living together here so she has to come. Venba worries what if anyone sees her. Kavin asks for how long she can stay inside. He tells when they will go out, they may find that lady and get her dad out. When Venba tries to appose him. He holds her near him. He says he will take care that no one notices his wife. Venba agrees. They comes out. Venba covers her face with a shawl. The lady that they are looking for gets down from an auto. Kavin and Venba gets into that same auto.

Saradha tells Deeba she’s going to meet Yazhini to ask her to send the photo. Deeba suggests her to call Yazhini. Saradha agrees. She phones Yazhini. Just then Yazhini comes there. Saradha tells Yazhini Venba left the city as she demanded. She will not return untill her marriage happens. Deeba gets shocked hearing the same. Nandhini also hears them. She wonders what deal is going between them. Yazhini gives the photo. Saradha gets shocked seeing the lady. She remembers helping that lady’s husband and the lady thanking her. Saradha tells Deeba that Shanmugam will definitely come out. Saradha thanks Yazhini. She will never forgets her help. Saradha assures Yazhini that Kavin will marry her.

Yazhini says not to do anything that will stop her marriage. She strictly tells Saradha that Venba shouldn’t come back until her marriage happens. Saradha assures she will not. Yazhini threatens Saradha that if her marriage gets stopped again, she will disappear. She will disappear writing a letter to commissioner that Saradha and her family are responsible. She leaves. Anbu and Kalai sees Yazhini leaving their house

Nandhini and Deeba asks Saradha what’s happening. They ask why she has sent Venba to coimbatore. What’s the condition that Yazhini is talking about. Kalai and Anbu come there. Deeba asks Kalai if he knows anything regarding Venba leaving to coimbatore all of a sudden. Kalai says he doesn’t know. Venba told chithi will explain them later. Saradha tells Kavin loves Venba.

Nandhini tells Venba also loves Kavin so she asked madipichai for his recovery. Saradha says yes Venba also started love him when Kavin kept proposing her but she realised her mistake. She then tells she saw Venba slapping Kavin on the road for keep coming behind her. Then she decided to leave for Coimbatore. Saradha tells she overheard Venba’s conversation with her friend. Nandini refuses to believe that Venba forgot Kavin. Saradha says she has to believe as her upbringing can never go wrong. She leaves.

Nandhini asks Anbu to accompany her to see the broker and give advance money to book their appartment. Anbu angrily tells her he will not come anywhere leaving his family. He asks her if it’s necessary to think about it all, when the family is going through a tough face. He warns her not to talk about this topic again. He leaves angrily.

The episode ends.