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The episode starts with Yazhini making coffee for Kavin. She recalls Kavin telling to Mallika that he was in office whole day. She says Kavin started lying. She’s certain that he was with Venba. She’s determined to catch them red handed. She goes to Kavin’s room. She stops at Kavin’s room doorstep hearing Kavin talking with Sevandhi. Kavin pretends to talk to Sevandhi. he asks sevandhi about Venba’s whereabouts. He further tells Yazhini loves him since her childhood and he regrets avoiding her and running behind Venba. He tells he’s going to block Venba. He asks to tell Adieu to Venba. Yazhini cries in happiness. She goes downstairs. Kavin is happy that he succeeded to make Yazhini believe that he forgot Venba.

Venba’s friend phones her. She asks Venba why she hasn’t come to Coimbatore. Venba tells she couldn’t come, but her family believes that she works there in Coimbatore. Her friends gets shocked. She asks her to explain. Venba says she got married with her boss while working for his company. Now she’s living with him in a separate place. Her family doesn’t know about it.

They will tell the truth to the family in future. The friend asks to send her husband photo. Venba sends his photo. The friends says he’s handsome. Venba requests her friend that if her chithi contacts her, to maintain the lie to which her friend agrees. The friend asks to tell her husband he’s handsome and cuts the call. Venba admires Kavin’s photo on her mobile.

Kalai takes Saradha’s blessings. Deeba says Kalai is going for a third round interview for a Malaysian company. Saradha asks him to face the interview with confident. Nandhini watches everything. Kalai says it’s a big company so it’s a good opportunity for him. Saradha says he will definitely get selected. Kalai and Deeba leaves.

Kalai comes back home. He sits upset. Nandhini asks him how the interview went. Kalai says he didn’t got the job as her father has criminal record. Kalai says Nandhini called to his office and told them about her being caught in drug cases. Kalai and Nandini get into an heated argument. Deeba comes there. She asks what happened to Kalai.

The latter tells Nandhini spoiled his job opportunity by telling them that his dad has criminal record. Nandhini starts badmouthing Shanmugam. Then she speaks ill of Kalai. She tells kalai is financially depended on his wife for everything. Deeba slaps Nandhini. The latter slaps her back. The both starts fighting holding each other’s hair. Kalai is trying to stop their fight while Lakshmi is enjoying it.

Saradha gets shocked seeing Deeba and Nandini fighting. She screams asking to stop them. She scolds Lakshmi for enjoying their fight instead of stopping. She asks her to leave. Saradha asks Deeba, Kalai what happened. Kalai tells he was refused job as his dad has criminal record. Kalai tells Nandhini informed them about it. Nandhini denies it. She says the whole world knows about Shanmugam’s arrest. Saradha stops Nandhini. She tells she knows about her. She asks Deeba to leave the matter. Nandhini again badmouths Shanmugam and walks away. Saradha calms down a furious Kalai.

Venba phones Yazhini. The latter asks what she wants. Suddenly Kavin comes there and back hugs Venba. The latter gets shocked.

The episode ends.