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The episode starts with Saradha assuring Yazhini that she will come the next day morning to jewelry shop to select thali for her. Yazhini asks to call Saradha as ‘Maa’. Saradha happily agrees. Yazhini says she knows she’s suffering thinking about her lost daughter and promises to reduce her pain by calling her as mom. She gifts her pearl chain which Saradha happy accepts.


Shanmugam teases Saradha saying she’s looking so young and happy and asks what the matter is. Nandhini and Deeba tells the pearl chain around her neck looks very beautiful. Saradha says she is starving and wants to eat from Shanmugam’s hand.


At dinning table, Shanmugam serves food to Saradha and feeds her. Shanmugam asks if Siddhar’s words have come true, if she got to know about their daughter’s whereabouts. Saradha starts crying remembering Siddhar telling if the truth come out, Shanmugam will die. The latter consoles her and asks if she got evidence to close Kavin’s institutions. Saradha lies noding yes.

Shanmugam tells confidently if saradha had got to know about their daughter, she would have shared it with him. Saradha goes to kitchen and cries feeling guilty to hide the truth from Shanmugam. She says she’s not loyal to Shanmugam’s trust as she has hidden first about seeing her sister and now she’s hiding the truth about their daughter. Shanmugam comes to kitchen and tries to console her. He apologizes to make her cry. Saradha lies nothing like that and walks away.


At office, Kavin is reminiscing Venba and their moments while a sad song plays in the background. He sits on Venba’s desk and types her name in the keyboard. He phones Venba. The latter closes her room door before attending his call. Kavin calls her ‘wife’. Venba says not to call her as Wife and asks him to forget her as she doesn’t want her Chithi to face any humiliation because of her act. She accepted to do the parigaram as he told her live is in danger.

 She asks him to marry Yazhini and leaves her(Venba). Kavin angrily says he can’t leave her and asks not to make herself fool by hiding her feelings. Venba asks him to forget her and whatever happened. While Kavin is talking to Venba, Yazhini comes there. Seeing Yazhini, Kavin places the phone aside talking to Yazhini. The latter asks how she’s looking. Kavin says she’s looking nice and adds every girl will look beautiful in traditional look. Yazhini gets happy and tells she always thinks about him and their marriage only.

Venba cries hearing Yazhini. Kavin says he has some work. Yazhini asks Kavin to pose for a selfie. While they are clicking a picture together, the office staff come there and praise Kavin and Yazhini’s pair. They start questioning Yazhini about their marriage venue and all. Kavin, who gets annoyed, asks them to go outside and talk as he has some work.


Kavin sees Venba’s call isn’t disconnected and worries. Kavin tells to Venba that they should tell the truth to Yazhini. Venba says Yazhini loves him so much and he shouldn’t break her dreams. She says he should stop calling her and asks him to marry Yazhini thinking that his first wife has died and cuts the call. Kavin is confused with Venba’s sudden change and wonders what to do and how to stop the marriage that’s going to take place coming Sunday.


Venba decides to end her life so that Kavin can marry Yazhini and Saradha can fulfill her promise given to Yazhini. She takes a poison bottle and writes a letter Saradha. Sevandhi stops Yazhini from drinking the poison. She scolds Venba for taking such a big step. She reads Venba’s letter for Saradha in which she mentioned that Kavin doesn’t want to marry Yazhini and took her(Venba) help to stop their marriage. Sevendhi throws the letter from the window, without reading it fully. She scolds Venba for hiding the truth and taking a wrong decision. Venba tells she can’t talk to Chithi as the latter has promised to Yazhini. Sevandhi tells if Saradha can worry for a promise given to a stranger, she can go to any extent to fulfill her daughter’s wish and asks to reveal the truth to Saradha. Venba tells she has promised to Saradha to help in her mission to unite Kavin and Yazhini.


Just then Nandhini, who passes by the hall side, picks up the paper and wonders who has written a letter. Venba notices it through her room window and panics thinking what if Nandhini reads the letter and gets to know about her and Kavin secret marriage. Venba scolds Sevendhi for throwing the letter on the hall. Nandhini reads the first line and understands one among the three children of chithi must have written the letter and wonders why that person has thrown the letter.

Venba prays that Nandhini shouldn’t read the letter. Nandhini places the letter on the sofa table and goes to switch on the fan. The letter falls down and fan wind blows it away. The letter goes flying near to Deeba, who’s coming looking at the phone with a coffee in one hand. Nandhini, who follows the letter collides with Deeba and the coffee in Deeba’s hand pours on the letter and erases the content of the letter. Venba feels relieved while Nandhini arguments with Deeba.


The next day, Saradha looks at the picture picture of her with Venba and recalls the night where a masked man exchanged her baby with another baby. She recalls the man’s face. Then she remembers Yazhini telling that Dharma has changed these days and scolds her lot and even slapped her once. She realises that Dharma exchanged the babies and comes to the conclusion that Venba is Dharma’s daughter.


The episode ends.