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The episode starts with Mallika and Yazhini seeking Soumiya’s help. They assure her that they will give her five lack in return. Mallika tells Soumiya to put her jewels in Venba’s room without her knowledge and then calls the police. The police will search in the neighbors’ house including Venba. They will arrest Venba and she will use her influence to put Venba behind the bar for at least six months. She will convince to return home before Venba comes out. Soumiya hesitates. Mallika says that if she thinks five lakhs is less for this work, she will give ten lakhs. Mallika adds that this is lifetime opportunity and she shouldn’t miss it.

Soumiya says that she wants to ask the opinion of the person, who accompanied her before deciding. Mallika and Yazhini agree. Just then Venba and Shivani come there. Mallika and Yazhini get shocked on seeing Venba. The latter gets happy on seeing Mallika. Mallika tells Soumiya that she can reject the offer, if she wants. But, she shouldn’t tell this to Venba. The latter comes to them smiling. Soumiya scolds Mallika. Venba asks Soumiya why she’s scolding Mallika. Soumiya praises Venba’s goodness and scolds Mallika again.

Soumiya reveals to Venba Mallika’s evil plan. Venba gets shattered hearing this. Venba questions Mallika if she’s trying to frame her in false case for loving Kavin unconditionally. She says that she gave them a year to earn one crore rupees and requests Mallika to give them a chance to prove themselves. Venba cries. Shivani says Mallika is bad. Mallika says that Venba can fool others with her crocodile tears, but not her. She says with determination that Kavin will fail and will come back home leaving Venba. Venba says that there’s “win” in Kavin’s name itself. They will definitely win and she will return to her house as her daughter-in-law. Venba tells Mallika to find a good match for Yazhini if she is bored. Yazhini says that she has Kavin. Mallika tells Yazhini to not waste her time arguing with Venba. They leave.

Ravi takes Kavin to jewelry shop. Ravi talks to the jewelry shop owner and recommends to hire Kavin. The owner gets surprised knowing Kavin’s education qualification and asks if he will be able to work in this jewelry shop. Kavin assures the owner that he’s ready tobaork. The owner tells that his salary will be 25 thousand and tells a staff to explain the job to Kavin. The latter requests Ravi to talk to the owner and to get advance money from his salary. Ravi agrees.

Mallika and Yazhini come to the jewelry shop where Kavin joined. The owner calls out Kavin and tells to bring chairs for Mallika and Yazhini. Kavin gets shocked on seeing them. Mallika and Yazhini are also shocked learning Kavin works here. The owner repeats to get chairs for the customers. Kavin obeys. Kavij asks them what they would prefer to see. The owner calls out Kavin and scolds him for not giving juices to the customers. Kavin says sorry and tells his colleague to get two fresh juice. Mallika gets enraged when the owner keeps calling Kavin in a disrespectful manner.

The episode ends.