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The episode starts with Venba taking away Kavin with her. Gowri stops Venba and apologizes for Dharma’s behaviour. She blames Mallika and Yazhini for his harsh behaviour. She apologizes Venba and Kavin but Venba says they were aware of all this while trying it and asks her not to apologise. Dharma eats the food made by Venba and gets emotional. He cries over his situation. Gowri wonders what to do but Venba blames her fate. Gowri asks her to not lose hope as God will definitely make everything right. She takes her leave and leaves with Dharma. Kavin asks Venba to leave too but Venba wants to be in temple for some more time for her mental peace.

Kavin agrees and asks her to come in auto while returning and leaves. Venba is walking when Yazhini comes in front of her. Yazhini stops Venba and mocks her for her flopped plan. Venba asks whether her pain is a joke for her and says she would never know the pain of an orphan. Yazhini says she would never feel sympathy for her as she’s the one who snatched Kavin from her. She says that she was suffering in pain because of her. Yazhini says that her father would never get his memory back and curses Venba.

Venba is lost in thoughts and Kavin asks the reason for it. Venba says about her conversation with Yazhini but Kavin asks her to not mind it. Venba asks how can she not mind it knowing that someone out there is hating her completely. Kavin says that they should only worry about whether they troubled anyone in any way. He says if they didn’t then they don’t have to worry about anything. He says that he has a surprise for her and shows her panipuris. Venba gets excited and wanes to have it immediately but Kavin stops her. He challenges her to eat the whole plate of panipuris without wasting in one minute. Venba accepts the challenge and Kavin starts the times. He makes the panipuris and Vena gulps it down. Kavin gets amazed seeing her speed. He voluntarily inserts chilly in her last puri and Venba spits it out. Kavin says that she lost her challenge and as a punishment she won’t get water. Venba shouts in spiciness and demands water but Kavin says he has other ways to cool her spiciness. He kisses her lips.

Next day, Singaram finds Kavin in a romantic mood and goes to him. Singaram enquires whether he’s free and Kavin says he is. Singaram asks Kavin to write a love letter for him. Kavin gets confused. He asks whether he decided the girl and Singaram asks him to keep it a secret if he says. Kavin agrees and Singaram reveal s that it’s none other than Venba. Kavin gets furious upon hearing it. Singaram was living in dreams unaware of Kavin’s anger. Kavin asks how dare he to love his wife. Singaram gets shocked upon hearing it while Kavin starts beating him. He makes Singaram run away.