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The episode starts with Thiru and his mom, Bagyalakshmi, coming to Saradha’s home. Bagyalakshmi asks Deeba to call Saradha. Kalai tells his parents have gone to their family temple. Thiru tells his mom that’s why he told her to call them before coming. Bagyalakshmi tells they have selected three sarees for Venba for the engagement and wanted Venba to choose her favorite one. Sevandhi brings Venba. Bagyalakshmi shows the sarees and asks Venba to pick anyone.

Deeba tells Venba is lucky to get such a caring mother-in-law. Venba looks uninterested. She goes to a flashback. Kavin gives Venba three sarees and asks her to choose the one she likes. She picks the pink color saree. Kavin gets overjoyed and lifts her. He tells he also liked this one.

Thiru calls out Venba and brings her to the reality. Thiru, Deeba and Kalai ask Venba to choose a saree. Venba picks a light pink saree. Thiru tells Venba has choosen his favorite color. Bagyalakshmi tells Thiru has choosen this saree for her and was certain that Venba will like it. Venba thinks this is her Kavin’s favorite color. Bagyalakshmi asks Thiru to speak with Venba in private. Deeba convinces Venba to go.

Thiru tells Venba about his mother and how much she matters for him. He agreed for this marriage for her. He further tells he’s saying this all to her as she’s going to be his wife. He holds her hands. He just wants she keeps his mom happy. He promises to Venba to treat her with respect and equal. Venba feels uneasy and tries to relase her hands. Thiru leaves her hands mouthing a sorry. Bagyalakshmi comes there. She tells him that her daughter-in-law is sensible so he doesn’t need to teach her. Bagyalakshmi asks Thiru to click a selfie with Venba. He does so.

Bagyalakshmi asks Deeba to light the pooja lamp. She places the jewels she brought in front of God. She then tells Venba these all her family jewels. She asks Thiru to make Venba wear these jewels. Thiru hesitates. Bagyalakshmi tells him they’re going to get engaged the next day so don’t shy and make her wear it. Venba looks tensed. Thiru is about to put the necklace around Venba’s neck, Venba stands up saying she doesn’t want. Venba tells Bagyalakshmi she doesn’t like this all.

Deeba apologizes to Bagyalakshmi. Bagyalakshmi asks Thiru to make her wear. Venba tells she doesn’t want and asks Thiru to choose who he wants to please his mom or her. Venba tells she will wear it when her chithi will come. Bagyalakshmi praises Venba. The latter leaves to her room, but Thiru calls out Venba.

The episode ends.