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The episode starts with Mallika meeting the chief doctor, who says they have to operate Kavin as he’s condition is getting critical. Dharma asks to try all the possible ways to save Kavin. Doctor tells Kavin’s brain nerves are damaged and there’s less possibility to save Kavin which shocks Mallika, Yazhini and Dharma. Mallika requests doctor to save Kavin at any cost. Doctor leaves asking them to pray to God. Ravi overhears everything.


Ravi phones Sevandhi. He informs about Kavin’s operation to Sevandhi. He says that doctors are saying it’s difficult to save Kavin. He cuts the call asking her to pray to God. Sevandhi informs the same to Venba. The latter cries hearing the same. She says to Sevandhi she wants to meet Kavin before the operation.

Sevandhi asks how they can meet Kavin as there will be Mallika. Venba says she would die if something happens to Kavin. Nandhini and Deivanagi, who go by that side, happen to hear Venba. They start overhearing their conversation. Sevandhi scolds Venba for not agreeing to elope with Kavin for London.

Venba says how she can go against Saradha’s promise given to Yazhini. Nandhini and Deivanagi gets shocked. They say they were right about Venba and Kavin. Venba seeks Sevandhi’s help to meet Kavin. Sevandhi says if she had confessed her love to Kavin, he would have found a solution. Venba pleads to find a way to meet Kavin, but Sevandhi says they can’t do anything than praying to God.

That time a lady come to their house asking for money. She says her husband isn’t well and a lady advised her to practice madipitchai and put the money in Bathrakaali Amman temple’s charity box. Venba asks to accompany her to the temple as she wants to ask madipichai to save Kavin’s life. Sevandhi asks Venba why she’s acting as Kavin’s wife. Venba silently cries remembering Kavin marrying her at the temple.


At the hospital, Mallika smirks seeing the TV news about her case. Dharma comes there along with advocate. Mallika says Saradha has misconception that if she failes a complaint, she will spend her whole life inside the jail.

 Mallika then says what all she wants now is Kavin’s recovery. A nurse informs Mallika doctor calls them. Doctor informs Mallika that the operation has to be done as soon as possible. They can say anything only after the operation. Mallika cries. Dharma tries to console her.


Yazhini and Gowri meets the doctor and asks detail about Kavin’s operation. Gowri asks if Kavin will get well, doctor says they can’t say anything now. Yazhini cries. A lady sees Yazhini crying. She asks her what happened.

Yazhini says her would be husband is in serious condition and she’s scared. She suggests Yazhini to go to the Bathrakaali Amman temple and hold fire pot praying to Goddess to which Yazhini agrees.


The episode ends.