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The episode starts with Venba refusing to wear the jewels without her chithi’s presence. Bagyalakshmi praises Venba and her upbringings. Thiru calls out Venba. He tells though she liked that pink color, he asks her to accept the two other sarees too. Venba accepts it without any interest. Thiru writes in his palm that he liked her and shows it Venba. The latter gets shocked looking at this and leaves from there.

Yazhini prays to God and apply Vibuthi on Dharma’s forehead. She cries in front of God. She tells to God he saved her dad’s life and punished him by paralyzing his body. Mallika asks Yazhini to be strong. She tells they will specialists and get him well. The manager comes. Mallika asks where’s Kavin. In the room, Kavin phones Ravi. The latter asks if he wishes to meet his wife. Kavin says yes. He asks Ravi to call him reaching his home. Yazhini tells Kavin Mallika called her downstairs.

Mallika tells Kavin that someone took control of Dharma’s house in London. The advocate suggests to sell the property immediately. She asks Kavin to go to London. Kavin refuses. Mallika tries to convince him. She tells the buyer is ready, he can complete this work in 3 days. Yazhini also requests Kavin. Mallika asks him to get ready as he has to bord flight in 5 hours. Manager gives the flight tickets. Mallika takes out Kavin’s suitcase. Dharma thinks that Mallika wants to send Kavin to London so that Venba’s engagement can happen without any interruption. He feels bad that he can’t tell this Kavin.

Mallika, Yazhini and Kavin leaves in car. Ravi sees this. He thinks Mallika is taking Kavin away and he will not this happen. He follows the car. Kavin tries to inform Venba but his phone is switched off. Mallika asks him if he wants saying his phone battery is run out. Kavin looks at Mallika shocked. A FB is shown Kavin puts his phone on the charger, Mallika removes the phone from the charger. FB ends. Mallika tells a mother knows what’s best for her son. They reach the airport. Mallika asks Yazhini to send him off.

Yazhini stops Kavin. She asks him what’s her mistake, why he’s angry. Kavin denies. Yazhini tells she knows he’s angry because he will not be able to attend his best friend Venba’s engagement. She tells she will take care of everything and will inform once the engagement will complete. Yazhini kisses Kavin and waves bye. Kavin leaves. Ravi thinks they’re sending Kavin away so that he doesn’t do anything to stop Venba’s engagement. He will not them succeed. Venba phones Kavin. His phone is switched off. Venba worries.

Saradha and Shanmugam are praying to God. Venba tells Sevandhi that Kavin’s phone is switched off. She tells she will die if engagement happens. Sevandhi tries to assure her. Sevandhi tells her parents must be returning from the temple. Tomorrow is engagement how to stop it. She tells Kavin should do something. Venba cries.

The episode ends.