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The episode starts with Saradha sending that lady’s photo to all the family members. They all gather in the hall. Saradha tells she’s that lady who has put drugs in Shanmugam’s car. They have to find her anyhow. She then tells she knows that lady. She helped her husband and admitted in hospital. She got her number from the hospital but the number is non-recheable. They all suggest different ideas to find that lady. Kalai tells they can check hospital CCTV’s footage to get that lady and husband photos. Saradha goes to Police station to take Police help to find the lady.

Saradha reaches Police station. She shows the photo to the lawyer. She tells how she helped that lady’s husband. They go inside to meet the inspector. Saradha gives the lady photo to the inspector. The inspector says he will send the photo to other Police stations to know if she has any criminal records. The inspector says he will do the maximum he can. He asks them also keep searching in their side.

Venba is sad thinking about her family. Then she remembers Kavin telling he will come back night and asking her to make dinner for him. She comes out of her thoughts. She hurriedly starts making dinner. She turns on the stove to light it up, then she remembers it’s time to phone her chithi. She walks away leavin the stove on.

Venba phones her friend Valarmathy. She asks her to stay in coference call and speak to her chithi, when she will ask. She then calls Saradha. The latter asks if she joined the office, how she’s doing. Kalai asks to speak to Venba. Saradha puts the phone on speaker. Kalai and Anbu speaks to Venba. They ask her to take care of herself. Saradha asks her to have food regularly. Saradha asks to speak to her friend. Valarmathy tells Saradha that her boss impressed with Venba. Nandhini taunts Venba. Then Venba asks if Yazhini gave that lady’s photo. Saradha says she got the photo. She asks her not to worry. Saradha then tells she already that lady and took Police help to find her. Venba tells she’s her daughter. Saradha says yes she’s her daughter.

Venba asks her to repeat it one more time. Saradha does so. Saradha asks Venba to change into video call so that she can see her and her friend. Venba says she will call her tomorrow from her office, as her mobile battery is low. She cuts the call.

Venba tries to lit up the stove, but Ravi’s sister stops her. She tells her if she can’t smell the gaz. She asks her to open the windows. Venba apologizes for being careless. She says Ravi has gone to bring Kavin. They must have come with a starving stomach so asks her to cook fast. Venba asks her to help.

Kavin realizes the time. He remembers that Venba must be waiting for him. He wonders how to escape from here. He asks Yazhini to serve the dinner as he’s starving. Yazhini goes to bring the chutney she made for him. Kavin then remembers asking to Venba to cook for him. He wonders what to do.

The episode ends.