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The episode starts with Kavin noticing Yazhini’s one earning falling. He comes close to Yazhini like kissing her and then bends to pick her earing up. Kavin makes her wear it saying he doesn’t like to see her with one earring. Venba gets hurt seeing this and cries. Kavin indirectly taunts Venba and waves bye to Yazhini. The latter happily hugs Venba saying she keeps winning and walks away. Venba wonders why Kavin is acting like that.

Meanwhile Gowri is worried thinking whether Kavin started loving Yazhini, so he’s acting rude with Venba. She says that till yesterday she was supporting Yazhini to win Kavin, but now she got revelation. So, she will not let Yazhini snatch Kavin from Venba. Though Yazhini is her daughter, she will not support the wrong. She thinks of first preventing Yazhini from cooking for Kavin.

Yazhini is in the kitchen thinking of cooking Kavin’s favorite dishes for lunch. Mallika comes there and tells Yazhini about Kavin’s favorite dishes. She adds that she will teach her everything. Gowri overhears them. She decides to put a full stop for everything.

Gowri angrily calls out Venba. Venba comes downstairs and looks at Gowri puzzled. Gowri signs Venba and then starts to scold her. Gowri asks if Yazhini is her servant to cook for her and her husband. Yazhini and Mallika come there hearing Gowri’s shouts. They try to stop Gowri in vain. Gowri says that people will badmouth Yazhini if she takes lunch for Kavin. She further says that Venba is Kavin’s legal’s wife and prohibits Venba to take lunch for Kavin. Gowri’s decision shocks Yazhini and Mallika. They try to convince her. However Gowri stays firm in her decision. She says to Mallika that she shouldn’t encourage Yazhini to get Kavin by doing cooking and all. Mallika acts saying that she accepted Venba as her daughter-in-law. Gowri drags Yazhini to her room.

Yazhini is upset with Gowri. She says to Gowri that after lot of efforts, Kavin started to look towards her, but she spoiled everything. Gowri tries to brainwash Yazhini. Gowri says that kavin is angry with Venba now and he will definitely hate whatever she will do for him. So, they should use this opportunity to increase Kavin’s hatred for Venba. They should let Venba cook for Kavin. As Venba’s one hand is injured, she will not be able to make tasty food. So obviously Kavin will scold her for that. Gowri further says that tomorrow he will come running to Yazhini and will ask her to cook for him, but she should refuse him. She should wait until Kavin completely hates Venba. Then she can accept Kavin when he will come to her. Yazhini gets fooled and believes Gowri’s words. She happily hugs Gowri thanking her.

Meanwhile Venba is shown cooking. She had removed her hand belt to cook. Venba hears footsteps and gets scared of getting caught. She puts back the arm belt hurriedly.

The episode ends.