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The episode starts with Venba arranging Dharma’s wardrobe. Dharma thinks that Venba should open the side locker because her birth secret is in that locker. Venba remembers that Dharma mentioned to her about a diary placed in his locker in the hospital. She wonders whether Dharma told about this wardrobe locker, she decides to solve this mystery today. Venba tries to open the side locker. Gowri comes there and asks if she has finished arranging the wardrobe.

Venba says she almost finished. She closes the locker and puts everything inside the wardrobe, and closes it, and gives the key back to Gowri before leaving from there. Dharma is upset that Venba couldn’t read his diary, but he’s happy that at least Venba recalled whatever he told her in the hospital.

Yazhini gives the lunch for Kavin to the driver. Gowri calls out Yazhini. She asks Yazhini to take the lunch for Kavin and try to win his heart. Venba overhears them and chuckles. Yazhini goes to get ready. After a while she comes downstair wearing saree.

Mallika calls out Yazhini and asks her where’s she’s going like this. Yazhini says she’s taking lunch for Kavin. Mallika notices Venba watching them. She signs Yazhini and says that she can’t change Kavin’s heart by doing all this. Venba is Kavin’s wife and she should accept it. Yazhini nods ok and leaves.

Venba stops Yazhini. She takes the cheque back from the driver and gives to Yazhini asking to hands it over to Kavin. Mallika is surprised that Venba knows that Yazhini wants to snatch Kavin from her yet she gives the cheque to Yazhini and expresses to Gowri. She adds that there should be only two meaning for this one she trusts Kavin another she has extreme trust in their love. Gowri says soon her trust will shatter.

At the office Kavin is seen working, Ravi is waiting for lunch and complains to Kavin that Venba hasn’t sent the lunch yet. Kavin discloses to him that he did a drama to save Venba from all household works. He created a scene and asked Yazhini to cook. He further says Yazhini doesn’t know to cook. Ravi says he will have lunch at his home and leaves.

Yazhini reaches Kavin’s office. Kavin gets surprised seeing her. He asks why she has come here. Yazhini says she felt bad that he left morning without having food, so she cooked lunch for him and brought it. She calls him to have food. Kavin tries to avoid her saying he has work now so he will have lunch later and asks her to leave. Yazhini forces him to have lunch.

She calls him Kavin sir like Venba calls him which irritates Kavin. As Yazhini keeps forcing him, he agrees to have food. He asks Yazhini to serve the food, untill that he will just make a call. He phones Ravi and asks him to join him in the lunch, but Ravi refuses to come. Kavin starts having the lunch. Yazhini notices the towel put to wipe hands. She recalls how Kavin wiped his hands in Venba’s saree pallu and decides to hide the towel.

The episode ends.