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The episode starts with Gowri telling Venba that she acted rudely with her to prevent Yazhini from taking lunch for Kavin and apologizes to Venba for that. Venba says that she understands her. Gowri adds that soon she will change Yazhini’s heart and will find a good match for her and will get her married. Venba feels glad hearing this. Gowri then says that Kavin is angry with her for some reason and asks Venba to sort out their problem as soon as possible. Venba nods ok. Gowri and Venba notice Mallika coming towards the kitchen and Gowri pretends to scold Venba and walks away. Mallika gets fooled and feels happy. She goes to Venba and shows her fake sympathy. Mallika asks her to cook anything simple for Kavin without straining so much. Venba thinks that Mallika acts so well. She got to know from the driver that Mallika is the mastermind behind her accident. Venba is determined to make her realize her mistakes very soon.

Venba reaches Kavin’s office with lunch for Kavin. Ravi helps her carry the bags. He thinks in mind that Venba keeps acting without knowing that Kavin got to know about her lie and wonders when the drama will come to an end. Venba greets her former colleagues and then moves towards Kavin’s cabin.

Kavin gets shocked on seeing Venba there. He shouts Ravi. He asks Raavi to make Venba leave. Kavin and Venba gets into an arguement. Ravi gets stuck between them. Ravi advises Kavin to have the food that Venba made. Venba says that she hadn’t eaten anything since morning. Ravi tries to convince Kavin to have lunch. Ravi says that unlike Yazhini, Venba cooks different types of dishes. He requests Kavin to come and takes him to the dinning table.

Venba serves the food. She stops Ravi from touching a box saying she had made some special only for Kavin and asks Kavin to open the box and see. However Kavin doesn’t show any intrest. Ravi asks her to serve him the food. Kavin looks at Venba from the corner of his eyes and admires her. Kavin wonders what would Venba made for him. He slowly open the box and gets elated seeing gulab jammu. He closes the lit and says that it’s true he loves gulab jamun, but he also loves Venba. He will not eat it until Venba tells why she’s lying to him.

Ravi cheats Venba and opens the box. He gets excited seeing gulab jamun. Ravi argues with Venba asking to serve him one. Suddenly Yazhini comes there. Venba gets upset seeing Yazhini while Kavin gets glad. Kavin says that he was expecting Yazhini to bring his lunch, but Venba came. Yazhini tells that Gowri stopped her saying people may badmouth her if she takes lunch for a married man. Kavin says to Yazhini that they can have lunch in a restaurant and gets ready to leave, but Venba stops him. Venba says that she brought lunch for him because she wants to eat the leftover of his meal. Kavin takes a bite from his plate and hands it to Venba. Yazhini enjoys Venba’s insult and gets happy thinking that Kavin has completely fallen for her. Ravi feels bad for Venba. Kavin leaves from there taking Yazhini. Venba watches them with teary eyes.

The episode ends.