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The episode starts with Kavin trying to get romantic with Venba. The latter glares at him. She decides to sleep on the floor. Kavin says they both can sleep on the bed as it’s large. Venba says she wants to be her chithi’s daughter untill her dad comes out. Kavin says he understands her. He asks her to sleep on the bed while he lies on the floor. The whole night Venba and Kavin keep looking at each other smiling while Uyir Uruvaatha song plays in the background. Venba notices the time is 4 o’clock and asks him to sleep. The both sleep.

The next day, Gowri and Yazhini pray to God. Gowri tells Yazhini that Mallika is going to start a business on Kavin and Yazhini’s name. She asks Yazhini to make Mallika proud by handling the business well. Mallika calls out Kavin as Kavin and Yazhini have to sign the agreement before 7:30. Yazhini says she will check him.

Otherside Kavin and Venba seen sleeping. Yazhini finds Kavin’s room door locked. She asks Kavin to open the door. She asks him to come down. As there’s no response, she keeps banging at the door. She panics when he doesn’t open the door. She informs Mallika that Kavin isn’t opening the door. Mallika says he must be in deep sleep and asks her to call him. Yazhini phones Kavin. The latter wakes up hearing his phone ringing. He panics seeing Yazhini calling him. He wakes up Venba and shows Yazhini’s call.

Kavin tells Mallika told her he has to sign on an agreement before 7:30 and everyone will be waiting for him. He wonders how to manage. He rushes to call Ravi. Yazhini keeps calling out Kavin’s banging on the door continously. Mallika asks Yazhini if Kavin attends the call, to which Yazhini says no. Mallika and Dharma goes upstairs to check. Kavin finds Ravi outside waiting for him in bike. He kisses Venba before leaving.

Yazhini tells Mallika she’s scared as Kavin never did like that before. She says something is wrong. Mallika and Dharma are also banging on the door calling out Kavin’s name. Kavin and Ravi are on the way. Kavin asks Ravi to stop the bike. He says he will drive the bike. Mallika asks Dharma to break the door as Kavin isn’t responding. Kavin is seen driving the bike in high speed. Dharma tries to break the door. Kavin reaches the house. He climbs the pipe.

The episode ends.