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The episode starts with Venba telling that she brought lunch for Kavin so that she can eat his leftover food. Kavin takes a bit from the plate and hands it to Venba. Yazhini gets elated. She tells Venba that she has come to check if Kavin had lunch and it was not planned. She walks out with Kavin. Venba drags out Ravi saying they should follow them. Kavin and Yazhini drive off. Venba and Ravi get on a scooty and go after them.

Yazhini thanks Kavin for taking her for lunch. She gets happy thinking that Kavin slowly falling for her. Kavin and Yazhini reach the restaurant. Venba and Ravi also come there. Yazhini tells Kavin that this is her favorite restaurant and they get seated. Venba and Ravi get seated a bit far from Kavin and Yazhini to observe them. Kavin orders gulab jamun. Venba fumes hearing it as Kavin didn’t touch the gulab jamun prepared by her. Ravi hints Venba that Kavin is furious with her, he’s acting like that and asks Venba to think. However Venba does agree with Ravi. She says that Yazhini must’ve provoked Kavin against her. Ravi says that Kavin isn’t someone who easily gets instigated and asks her to think well. Venba looks on puzzled.

Other side Kavin says to Yazhini not to think that he hates Venba so he’s being close with her. Yazhini gets stunned hearing him. Kavin tells that there’s a small misunderstanding between him and Venba. Venba has done a mistake and he wants her to confess the truth to him so he’s acting like that. Yazhini gets disheartened hearing him and gets teary eyes. She holds Kavin’s hand and asks if he’s telling the truth. Venba gets shocked seeing Yazhini and Kavin holding hands. Ravi advises Venba to sort out the differences between her and Kavin before it gets too late.

Kavin says to Yazhini that he doesn’t want that she starts having any misconceptions so he cleared everything with her. He seeks Yazhini’s help to get united with Venba. Yazhini thinks she can never help him. However she lies that she’s ready to help him and makes a fake promise to him. Venba becomes restless seeing everything. Ravi asks Venba to think well what she has done which angered Kavin. Yazhini and Kavin leaves. In order to make Venba confess the truth, Ravi questions Venba how she drove the bike with an injured hand. Venba gives excuses and walks away.

Yazhini returned home crying. Mallika asks Yazhini what happened. Yazhini says that Kavin doesn’t love her. He just used her as a tool to grow more close to Venba. Gowri says that she realized the truth too late. Yazhini says that everything was a lie. Kavin made it clear that he can never marry her nor love her. She cries hard. Gowri says to Yazhini that she should move on in her life and adds that she will find a good match for her and get her married. Yazhini looks shocked.

The episode ends.