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The episode starts with Kavin going inside the house through the balcony. Otherside Dharma is trying to break the door. Kavin hurriedly changes his clothes and opens the door. Mallika and Yazhini get relieved seeing Kavin. The latter apologizes to them saying he woke up late and was taking bath so couldn’t respond. They all go downstairs. Mallika asks Kavin to sign the agreement. Kavin takes Mallika’s blessings. Gowri praises Kavin. The latter signs the agreement. Then Yazhini signs the agreement. Everyone looks happy except Dharma who thinks his daughter Venba should sign the agreements in Yazhini’s place.

Saradha comes to jail. The inspector tells them she has already met him and they can’t allow her to meet him again. Saradha gives sweets to the inspector. She tells today is their wedding anniversary so she has brought special lunch for him and for the Police staff as well. She expresses her sadness. She can’t meet him on their wedding anniversary day. Police assure her if as she says her husband was innocent, he will get released soon. Saradha happily leaves.

Later Ravi comes back home. Ravi tells Venba Kavin loves her so much but he heard that she’s very strict with Kavin. Venba says her chithi doesn’t know about their secret marriage. Ravi asks to give good news to Saradha then she will accept their marriage. He then tells again Kavin loves her so much and walks away. Venba smiles remembering Kavin’s care and their moments together.

Yazhini gives chocolate to Dharma. She says she’s very happy. She got the best dad. She hugs him saying love you dad. She tells if she hadn’t listened to his advice of not revealing Kavin and Venba’s love to Mallika, Kavin would’ve hated her. She tells she got the fruits of being patient. She then tells Venba left the city and Kavin told to Sevandhi he forgot her. She also says about her deal with Saradha. She tells she has promised Saradha to save her husband if she sends Venba away.

Dharma looks shocked. Dharma asks how she can safe. Yazhini tells about taking a selfie with the lady who is involved in Shanmugam’s case. She also says she has given that lady’s photo to Saradha. Dharma angrily asks Yazhini why she didn’t tell him this beforehand. Yazhini asks him what’s wrong with this. She then tells her she’s happy that Kavin started to like her, and now she’s waiting for the marriage to happen.

Saradha serving lunch to the engineer and constructor workers who are working on her construction site. Saradha tells Shanmugam was framed. The engineer assures Saradha that Shanmugam will come out soon and they will do the housewarming together. Saradha thanks him.

The episode ends.