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The episode starts with Gowri saying to Yazhini that she will find a good match for her which shocks Mallika and Yazhini. Mallika asks Gowri what rubbish she’s talking. Gowri says that she doesn’t have any other way. Yazhini can’t keep begging to Kavin. Yazhini says that she least bother about Kavin not loving her, but she will never let Venba lead a happy life with Kavin. Gowri reprimands Yazhini and says that love can not be forced. She further says that Yazhini tried a lot, but she can’t win Kavin’s love. Venba is a good girl and Kavin and Venba love each other lot. So it’s good that Yazhini back off. Mallika says enough and supports Yazhini. Mallika further says that she was quite till now because she thought Kavin was slowly getting closer to Yazhini, but now, after knowing the truth, she will take this matter in her hands now. She will throw Venba out and will get Yazhini married to Kavin.

Ravi is wondering how to save Kavin and Venba’s relationship from getting broken due to Yazhini. He decides to tell the truth to Venba. He phones Venba and reveals that Kavin knows that she pretending to be injured. Venba gets shocked. Ravi adds that Kavin is furious with her and waiting for herself to confess the truth to him. He tells about everything happened. Ravi asks the reason why she’s acting like that. Venba says that she has a valid reason. Ravi asks to tell the that reason to Kavin soon. Just then Kavin comes there. Venba cuts the call. Kavin asks whose on the call. Venba says Ravi. She asks Kavin to give her a chance to explain her. She further tells about her promise to Yazhini. Kavin doesn’t believe her. He gets emotional and says that he loved her wholeheartedly, but she cheated him and lied to him to postpone their first night. Venba reveals to Venba about Yazhini’s challenge. However Kavin refuses to believe Venba. He scolds her and says that he doesn’t want her anymore in his house. He packs her bags and drags her downstairs.

Kavin tells Venba that it’s all over between them. Mallika, Gowri and Yazhini look on. Venba keeps begging Kavin and others, but Kavin doesn’t budge. He forcibly throws her out of the house. Venba wakes up startled shouting Kavin. Kavin wakes up hearing her shout and asks what happened. Venba replies that she saw a nightmare.

The morning Venba visits the temple. She prays to God that her nightmare shouldn’t come true. She admits that she’s doing wrong with Kavin and adds that she just fulfilling the promise given to her Chithi. She seeks God’s help to sort out the misunderstanding between her and Kavin. Gowri visits the same temple and notices Venba. The latter expresses her fear with Gowri. Venba says that she’s scared that Kavin gets to know from someone else about her lie and throws her out of the house. She tells her about her nightmare. Gowri advises Venba to tell the truth to Kavin forgetting about the promises given to Yazhini. Venba agrees.

The episode ends.