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The episode starts with Yazhini asking Venba if she got married, with whom she got married and when. Venba silently cries. Saradha asks Venba to tell this’s not true. Thiru asks Saradha to check herself Venba’s neck. Yazhini takes out Venba’s thali. Everyone gets astonished. Venba apologizes to Saradha falling on her feet. Thiru shows Venba and Kavin’s photo saying he’s their son-in-law. Yazhini gets shock of her life. She shouts no and cries. Thiru tells one or another day the truth has to come out. Saradha refuses to believe it. She asks Venba to tell this’s not true. Yazhini holds Venba’s neck asking to say when it had happened. She says she can’t comprise Kavin for anyone, she’s even ready to kill Venba for Kavin. She tightly holds Venba’s neck.

Kavin comes there. He shouts stop it. He apologizes to Venba’s parents. He says Venba isn’t at fault. He married Venba in the temple where they have come to get money to build their dream house. Everyone angrily looks at Kavin. Saradha asks Kavin why he did like this. Kalai says even Venba hid the truth from them. Anbu says Nandhini was right about Venba. Saradha says Kavin did wrong by marrying Venba without telling to anyone. Kavin says even Venba doesn’t know about it untill he marries her. Bagylakshmi accuses Venba’s parents that they hid the truth from them. Venba’s parents say they themselves don’t know about it. Kavin says he’s ready to accept whatever punishment they will give. Saradha asks if Mallika knows about it. Kavin says no. Shanmugam asks what’s the need to marry Venba secretly. Kavin says because he loves Venba.

Yazhini calls Kavin a cheater and says she will never forgive him. She adds that her mom always told not to believe Venba, she tries to trap Kavin but she never believed her. She scolds Venba and blames Saradha. Kavin stops Yazhini. He says Saradha doesn’t know about it. He further says he stopped Venba from going to coimbatore and they took a separate house to live there. Saradha slaps Venba asking why she did like that. Venba cries apologizing to Saradha. The latter says Venba insulted them in front of all. Shanmugam also scolds Venba and says she broke all their dreams. Thiru says all their dreams got realised but it happened little earlier. Venba requests to let her speak. Shanmugam asks what she will say that she doesn’t know about it, it’s not her mistake right. Saradha says they all asked her when Nandhini showed the video of her taking padipitchai, yet she lied. Thiru defends Venba. He says Kavin married Venba secretly with his friends help. Venba didn’t accept that marriage, but Kavin somehow managed to convince her and took promise that she shouldn’t tell anyone about it. Saradha asks Thiru there’s no use of telling all this now.

Yazhini starts accusing Saradha and her whole family. Thiru defends Saradha and Venba. Thiru says Venba was in dilemma, she can’t choose between her parents and her love. Yazhini asks them to give an answer for her. She says she will not forget their betrayal. Saradha requests Yazhini to believe her. Yazhini says she regrets calling Saradha as mom. She further says for the first time in the history she brought shame on the word mother. Saradha looks at her with tear filled eyes.

The episode ends.