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The episode starts with Saradha meeting Jagadeesh, her former student, who works in telecommunication department. She gives him the lady, who has placed drugs on Shanmugam’s car, number and asks to find her address. Jagadeesh asks why she wants her adress. Saradha tells him that her husband was trapped in drug case. The person who uses this number placed drugs in his car. Jagadeesh agrees to help Saradha. He gives her that lady (Shanthi) address. Saradha thanks him.

Dharma phones Shanthi. He asks her not to go out for some times. Shanthi can’t hear what he’s telling due to poor network. She says she’s going to Mahalakshmi supermarket which is nearby her house. Dharma gets annoyed he repeats the same. He tells Saradha got her photo anyhow and searching for her. Due to poor network Shanthi can’t hear anything. She cuts the call. Dharma send Saradha’s photo in Whatsapp. He also send a voice note. Kavin hear Dharma over phone. Kavin regret of not believing Venba. He says Mahalakshmi supermarket is near his house. He then phones Venba. He tells her the matter and asks her to come to Mahalakshmi supermarket with Ravi.

Saradha is seen traveling in the auto searching for Shanthi’s adress. Venba comes out covering her face. She leaves with Ravi in bike when Saradha comes. She finds Shanti’s address. The house owner tells Saradha that Shanti had vacated the house. Saradha asks the neighbors if they knows Shanthi’s new address. The tell they don’t know. Dharma who’s going that side in car, notices Saradha.

Venba and Ravi reach the supermarket. Kavin and Venba seperately starts looking for Shanti. Dharma also comes to the same supermarket. Kavin notices him. He searches for Venba. Saradha phones Shanthi. Saradha says she knows her, she helped her husband when he got fix. She tells her that she got a ring. It might be her husband’s ring and might have fallen while taking him to the hospital. Shanthi says that’s her husband’s ring. She tells the supermarket address.

Venba and Dharma are searching for Shanthi while Kavin is searching for Venba. Venba spots Shanthi. She confirms that she’s the person looking at the photo she has on her mobile. Venba tries to catch Shanthi but Kavin drags her to a corner. He shows her Dharma on the CCTV monitor. He tells her Dharma shouldn’t see her. They both are wondering how to escape. Just then Saradha also reaches the supermarket. She goes inside. She stops noticing Venba and Kavin together. She looks shocked.

The episode ends.