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The episode starts with Navin requesting Venba to let him allow to stay in the house. Venba puts forth a condition. Kavin should spend time with him and have food with him. He should wear the watch that she gifted him. Yazhini should get jealous seeing this. Kavin refuses. He says that family will think bad about him. They will say that Kavin is feeding food to Yazhini in the outside house and inside he is feeding Venba. Venba stays firm in her condition. Navin says that he will convince Kavin and requests Venba to let him talk to Kavin in private. Venba agrees and leaves. Navin requests Kavin to accept Venba’s condition for his sake. Kavin finally agrees.

The next morning Venba is in the kitchen. Gowri comes to Venba and tells that Kavin pretended to get dust into his eyes. Venba says that she scolded Kavin and now he has changed and start loving her very much. Mallika and Yazhini are in the hall and they hear their conversation. Kavin comes to the kitchen. Gowri leaves from there to give privacy to Kavin and Venba.

Kavin asks Venba if she’s still angry with him. Venba says yes and asks how he can feed food to Yazhini. She further says that he shouldn’t feed to anyone else than her. Kavin agrees. Yazhini and Mallika get shocked hearing Kavin. Venba asks Kavin why he took Yazhini for shopping and fighted the goons for Yazhini. Kavin says that he would’ve done the same for anyone in Yazhini’s place. Mallika tells Yazhini that Kavin has changed over night. Kavin tells that he will wear all time the watch she gifted by Venba and will admire her photo in the watch every second. Kavin says that he loved her gift and starts flirting with Venba.

Yazhini says to Mallika that she can’t understand Kavin. Venba says to Kavin that she can’t forgive him for spending time with Yazhini. Kavin does situps expressing his love. Mallika and Yazhini get upset seeing this. Venba asks Kavin to make the dough as his punishment. Kavin asks Venba to join him and they both start making dough. Kavin asks to Venba in lower voice if everyone would believe that they have reconciled. Venba angrily asks if he was acting then and steps over his food. Kavin shouts in pain. Navin watches everything from the room and thinks that Venba and Kavin should never get separated.

Family gathers at the dinning table to have food. Kavin serves food to Venba shocking Yazhini and Mallika. Gowri looks happy. Venba says that she’s tired and asks Kavin to feed her. Kavin agrees and starts feeding Venba. Yazhini and Mallika fume seeing this.

Venba clicks photos with Kavin to irritate Yazhini and Mallika. Yazhini recalls taking photos with Kavin in the restaurant and gets upset. Mallika and Yazhini leave without finishing their food. Mallika forces Gowri to come with them too. The trio hide behind a pillar and watch Kavin and Venba. Kavin asks Venba if she’s satisfied now, mom and Yazhini left. Venba says that they must be hiding somewhere and watching them. Venba asks Kavin to look around slowly. Kavin does so and spots Mallika, Yazhini and Gowri behind a pillar. Kavin tells Venba that she’s right. Venba smiles.

The episode ends.