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The episode starts with Mallika asking Venba where she has gone. Venba says that she visited the temple and gives ‘Prasadam’ to Mallika. Yazhini comes there and taunts Venba. The latter asks Kavin to accompany her to the hospital to remove the bandage. Kavin imagines of hitting Venba for lying to him. Mallika brings Kavin out of his dream. They leave for hospital.

Venba and Kavin are on the way to the hospital. Venba says to Kavin that she understands he’s angry with her for some reason so he’s avoiding her. She further says that she fully recovered and henceforth they can lead a happy life. Kavin thinks that finally Venba realized they’re not happy and waits for herself to confess the truth. Venba asks Kavin to stop the car nearby the park.

In the park, Venba confesses to Kavin that she lied to him and pretended to be injured. Kavin reveals that he already knows the truth, he talked to her doctor. He asks why she didn’t share with him the reason why she lied to him. Venba says that she didn’t want to hurt him. She tells him that his family members hate her. They would’ve made her full time maid if she hadn’t lied. She adds that she wouldn’t have got the opportunity to change Gowri’s heart too. Kavin is suprised. He asks if she’s telling the truth. Venba nods yes and says that Gowri understood her and started supporting her against Yazhini. Gowri is the first person, who got to know about her lie.

Venba unwraps the bandage and shows the tattoo of Kavin’s name that she made on her hand. She says that she got tattoo of his name for lying to him. Kavin gets overwhelmed with emotions and kisses the tattoo. Venba says that she’s ready to bear his any punishment and requests him not to get close to Yazhini to punish her. Kavin asks her to hug him and kisses him. Venba hesitates as they’re in a public place. Kavin blackmails her saying he will take Yazhini for shopping if she doesn’t kiss him. Venba gives in. She hugs him and plants a kiss on his cheek. She gets shocked seeing the crowd watching them and runs from there blushing.

Meanwhile Yazhini is crying recollecting Kavin’s words. Mallika consoles her. Yazhini says that she lost all hope, even her mom started supporting Venba now. Mallika assures Yazhini that no matter what, she will be always on her sideYazhini cries saying Venba is angry with her and she’s scared that she will tell Kavin about their challenge. Mallika says that Venba is Saradha’s upbringing so she will never break the promise nor tell about it to anyone. Gowri hopes that one day Yazhini will also understand Venba and have a change of heart.

Venba and Kavin come back home. Mallika asks Yazhini to wipe her tears. Mallika enquires Venba about what doctor told. Venba says that doctor removed the bandage as she completely recovered. Gowri checks Venba’s hand and sees the tattoo of Kavin’s name. Yazhini gets upset on seeing the same. Mallika asks what’s the need to tattoo Kavin’s name. Venba says that she has done it out of love. Mallika asks Venba to go and rest. Venba nods ok and go upstairs with Kavin while Yazhini and Mallika fume seeing them.

The episode ends.