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The episode starts with Yazhini saying to Saradha even God won’t forgive her. She angrily leaves from there. Saradha cries asking Venba why she betrayed her trust. She breaks down saying she failed to give Venba good upbringings. She blames herself and says she should punish herself for the mistake she committed. She shuts herself inside a room. Everyone pleads with Saradha to open the door. Venba begs Saradha to open the door. Kavin calls Saradha mother-in-law.

Shanmugam gets furious. He beats him up. Kalai and Anbu beats Kavin up and throws him out from the house. Kavin pleads with them to let him go inside. They brutally trash him. Venba cries looking at Kavin helplessly. Ravi tries to stop them. He takes Kavin from there. Shanmugam threatens Kavin that he will kill him if he comes back here. Shanmugam blames Kavin for spoiling Venba’s life.

Kavin cries saying none understand his love. Ravi tries to console him. Kavin says he wants to comfort and protect his Venba. Ravi convinces him and takes him from there. Everyone keeps requesting Saradha to open the door. Thiru says he has something important to say. Venba isn’t at fault, all fault is Kavin’s. He says Venba will be ready to marry him if her chithi orders her. He asks her to think if her heart will accept it. He says she has given Venba a good upbringings. He admits Venba and Kavin did a mistake but requests Saradha to forgive them.

Yazhini cries remembering Kavin’s words. She reaches home. She looks for her mom. Mallika says Gowri has gone out. Yazhini cries to her dad saying they got cheated. Mallika asks her what happened, why she’s crying. Yazhini says her dreams are broken, there’s no meaning for her to be alive. Kavin got married. Mallika gets shock of her life. He started living with Venba in a separated house. She was dreaming that Kavin is hers without knowing the truth. Mallika angrily shouts Yazhini.

The latter says she can never lie in Kavin’s matter, the truth has come out in Saradha’s house. Mallika says there might be some misunderstanding, Kavin can’t do like that. Yazhini asks to believe her and tells about everything that happened in Saradha’s house. She further says Kavin hasn’t gone to London. He cheated all of them. Mallika goes to Dharma. She asks him not to cry. Dharma thinks these are tears of happiness. Mallika shouts no. She says she always suspected Saradha but none believed her. She will not leave Venba, who trapped her son. She says she will kill that Venba and get him married to Yazhini.

Mallila keeps phoning Kavin, but he doesn’t answer her calls. Ravi asks Kavin to answer Mallika’s call. Kavin switches off his mobile. Mallika says he has to come to her at the end. Mallika says Saradha took revenge on her through her son. Kavin says from now on he’s no more mamma’s boy. He decided that he’s life is only with Venba. He will go to Saradha and will convince her. Ravi asks what about his mom. Kavin says he’s ready to live with Venba going against his mom. Otherside Mallika angrily says Kavin has to cut his ties with Venba and come back to Yazhini, else she will kill Venba.

The episode ends.