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The episode starts with host calling Thirunavukkarasu to the stage. Yazhini gets shocked on seeing Thiru. Yazhini he wonders he’s the thief. Venba also gets stunned on seeing Thiru. Thiru tells he’s Tamil teacher. The croud starts laughing moking him. Thiru tells Tamil is equal to his mother. He tells doesn’t understand why people underestimate Tamil. He speaks about Tamil and his uniqueness. The chief guest praises him. Saradha gets impressed. The chief guest asks Thiru’s mom, Bagyalakshmi, what type of girl she’s looking for her son. Bagyalakshmi tells she has come to this function seeing a girl in their live show. She shows Venba’s photo to the camera. Ravi signs Kavin to see the TV screen.

Venba and Kavin are hell shocked. Saradha and her family are also stunned. Venba looks towards Kavin. Kavin signs her to relax. Thiru’s mom tells she wants that girl as her daughter-in-law. The chief guest asks Thiru’s opinion. Thiru tells his mom wish is his wish. Sevandhi asks Venba to refuse. Thiru tells he respects his mom lot and calls her as Deivam(God). Saradha gets impressed. Yazhini thinks she will not let a fraud marry Venba. Saradha has done so much for her, she will never let that thief spoil her daughter’s life. Saradha stops Venba from leaving. She tellls she will not force her but when good alliance come, we should cconsider it Venba tells she’s not intrested. Sevandhi also requests Saradha not to force Venba.

Anjali brings Bagyalakshmi to Saradha. Bagyalakshmi tells Saradha that she hopes they will agree for this alliance. Venba tells she’s leaving. Saradha asks Venba if she doesn’t trust her. Venba tells she trusts her but she’s not intrested in this alliance. Saradha asks her to give a valid reason. Venba tells she doesn’t like that’s it and walks away angrily. Ravi scolds Kavin for doing nothing and watching everything helplessly. Kavin tells what he can do when his mom is here. They notice Venba coming that way. Saradha stops Venba. She tries to convince Venba. Venba keeps repeating she doesn’t like this alliance.

Saradha tells parents know what’s best for their children. She tells they will talk and see, we will leave, if it doesn’t work. Saradha goes to talk to Bagyalakshmi. Venba cries. Kavin signs Venba to reveal their marriage truth to Saradha. Ravi asks Kavin when he can’t tell the truth, how Venba could tell. Nandhini asks Venba to agree to the marriage. Venba keeps crying. Saradha calls Venba. Thiru recalls how Venba run away with the handbag. Anjali tells she hasn’t expected that a marriage will get fixed in this inauguration function. She asks the both family to speak and come a descion. Anjali and Raja wishing th all the best.

Venba thinks that Kavin is standing in front of her, but he couldn’t come forward and tell the truth, then how he can expect she can reveal it. Bagyalakshmi tells Saradha that she saw Venba at the temple helping an old woman and got impressed and wished this girl to become her daughter-in-law and she’s very happy that her wish almost realized. Saradha tells she was also impressed hearing Thiru’s talk on the stage, but Venba doesn’t want to come to this function, she forcibly brought her. Thiru wants to speak to Saradha but Bagyalakshmi stops him. Saradha tells Venba she won’t force her, but she really liked this alliance.

Saradha asks Venba to tell her decision. Venba remains silent. Bagyalakshmi tells Saradha that she gave lot of freedom to her daughter. She further tells she hopes that her daughter also will not go against her mom’s words like her son. Bagyalakshmi asks Venba if she can take her silence as her agreement. Anjali and Raja come there and congratulate them. They ask if they can announce Venba Thiru marriage. Saradha agrees.

Raja and Anjali announce that Venba and Thiru marriage got fixed in this program. They will conduct their marriage. Venba and Kavin cry while a sad song plays in the background. Kavin tells Ravi that he committed a big mistake by dragging this matter so much. He told Venba that he will handle this and asked her not to tell about their secret marriage to her family. Venba was bounded by his promise so she remained quiet. Ravi asks Kavin to go and reveal the truth now. Kavin tells how he can in front his mom and Yazhini. He will talk to Saradha after sending his mom and Yazhini from there.

Ravi asks what he is going to do to send them away. Kavin thinks. Yazhini tells Saradha that Thiru is a thief. He had stolen 5 lakhs from her. Saradha asks if she’s telling truth. Yazhini tells she will not lie to her and asks to trust her. She tells Saradha about what happened. She shows Saradha the photo of Thiru that she clicked. Saradha gets shocked. Yazhini requests Saradha not to spoil Venba’s life. Saradha tells she could’ve told her before. She wonders how to refuse now.

Venba cries. Kavin wipes her tears and hugs her. Ravi records their conversation. Kavin admits everything is his mistake. Venba says she had enough of this. She requests Kavin to talk to her chithi right now, as she couldn’t talk to her. They should leave this resort as husband and wife holding each other’s hand. Kavin tells her engagement will not happen, he will tell the truth to Saradha. He asks her to trust him. He hugs her. Otherside Thiru is shown coming that way.

The episode ends.