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Sun TV’s famous show Chithi2 audience is going to witness more drama in the upcoming episode.

Previously it was seen that Kavin tried to make Kamali understand that he never loved her. Kamali asked Kavin to spend a night with her shocking Kavin. Kamali wanted to become mother of Kavin’s child. Kavin refused. They argued. Kavin pushed Kamali and her head on the pillar and she was dead. Venba and Kavin got shocked. Police arrived there. The inspector asked all of them who has done this murder. Kavin said that he murdered Kamali. Venba didn’t want Kavin to get jailed, so she told the inspector that she is the murderer. Kavin and Venba kept saying that they have murdered Kamali to save each other. Kavin’s friend accused Kavin since Kamali took Kavin apart to have a talk. Venba said that they only saw Kavin leaving with Kamali, they didn’t know anything happened afterwards. Kavin was Kavin’s ex-girlfriend and out of jealousy, she killed her. However the inspector arrested Kavin Venba tried to hard to convince the inspector she is the culprit and said that Kavin was lying to save her. However the inspector took Kavin. Venba ran after the jeep crying.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Natraj and Subulakshmi will come to the Kavin’s college friends reunion party. Kavin and Venba will get shocked on seeing them. They will have to come to award the best jodi and Kavin and Venba have been selected as the best jodi. They will be called on the stage. Kavin and Venba will dressed up like a Punjabi couple and will get on the stage.

What will happen? Will Kavin and Venba get caught?

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