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Sun TV ‘s popular hit show Chitthi 2 never fails to engage audience with its interesting twists and turns. It narrates the live of Kavin and Venba, the star crossed lovers. Earlier its seen that After surgery Dharma recovered but did not reveal that Venba is his daughter. Now it will be seen that Singaram will suspect Kavin and Venba for having an affair.

Previously we have seen that, Dharma recovered after Venba kept Viboodhi on his forehead. Doctor called it a miracle and everyone met with Dharma. Gowri thanked Venba and assured to fulfil her wish about knowing her real parents right after he gains conscious. Dharma saw Venba and got emotional seeing his daughter. Venba requested Dharma to say her parent name. However Dharma hid the truth pretending like memory loss due to Yazhini’s plan.

In yesterday’s episode we witnessed, Dharma planned to bring Venba to his house while Yazhini wondered whether Dharma is really suffering memory loss. Venba had a nightmare that both she and Kavin got exposed by Singaram and feared the worst.

In today’s episode we will witness, Singaram will video call Venba when she’s at home and by mistake Kavin will pass by Venba. Singaram will suspect them together and will inform Natraj and Subbu about the same. Their doubts deepens when they find Venba and Kavin coming together in bike.

Will Venba and Kavin get caught? Will Natraj and Subbu forgive Venba and Kavin?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Chitthi 2, stay tuned to this space.