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SunTV’s popular show chithi2 is gearing up for more drama with Venba getting jailed.

In the previous episode it was seen that Venba was put in the jail for enquiry. Kavin learned the same from the constable. Kavin got shocked and wondered how judge can easily put Venba in the jail. Natraj and Subulakshmi arrived there. Kavin said that Venba was put in the jail and added that she’s innocent. Natraj asked why he talks as if he knows Venba very well. Kavin lied that he got to know Venba by working with her. Subulakshmi asked how it’s possible that Venba didn’t see the necklace in her bag until police arrested her. Kavin asked if she doubts Venba. Subulakshmi said that she’s a lawyer and she can’t act emotionally like them and has to think according the proof. Kavin said that if Venba wanted to steal the jewels, she could have stolen Subulakshmi’s jewelries as she would have got, why she would steal Devaki’s jewelry knowing that she can caught. Subulakshmi thinks. She decided to make arrangements to meet Venba first. Kavin, Subulakshmi and Natraj came to the prison. Kavin went to meet Venba as Natraj and Subulakshmi don’t have courage to face Venba.
Venba broke down on seeing Kavin. They both have an emotional conversation.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Venba will express her fear and Kavin will assure to get released Venba at any cost. Kavin will wonder who must have stolen the necklace and put in Venba’s bag. He will suspect whether the newspaper guy did. Then he will suspect the watchman but later he will change is mind saying that the watchman can’t do this. He’s innocent. He will cry sitting on his knees. other Venba will be shown sadly lying on the ground in the jail.

What will happen next? Will Kavin be able to save Venba?

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