The new shows and their content are engaging audiences. Along with the content, the new on-screen jodis are winning the hearts of audiences. Here, we will talk about the latest ones:

Debattama Saha and Fahmaan Khan:

Krishna and Aryaman are winning the audience’s hearts. Before falling in love, Krishna and Aryaman’s jodi set the screen on fire. The first meeting of Krishna and Aryaman left the audience in awe. This fresh on-screen couple is hitting the right chord with the masses.

Debattama and Fahmaan are happy with the success of their show. The show Krishna Mohini is presenting bold content on TV. It is about gender confusion through its character, Mohan. Mohan is facing the wrath of society for being a girl. Krishna and Mohan are treated badly by their father.

Aryaman, aka Fahmaan’s, entry into Krishna and Mohini’s lives is interesting. Soon, Aryaman will help Krishna fight for the identity of her brother Mohan. Will Mohan accept his identity and support Krishna and Aryaman? Time will only tell.

Debattama and Fahmaan are the right choices to play the lead in the Krishna Mohini show. Fans look forward to this on-screen jodi.

Ulka Gupta and Karan Vohra:

Zee TV’s newly launched Main Hoon Saath Tere had a good start. The netizens expressed their interest in the initial episodes of the show. Main Hoon Saath Tere has engaging content.

A single mother is trying to raise her child alone. She is facing difficulty. Ulka and Karan are the best choices to play such mature characters. Their pairing is receiving an equal positive response.

Jhanvi and Aryaman’s jodi was well received by the audience. Fans are looking forward to this jodi.

Jhanvi is hiding Kian’s father’s identity. Will Aryaman become Jhanvi’s supporter? Time will only tell.

Tell us which couple is your favorite.

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