Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her

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Episode begins with Meher struggles to take Sarab to hospital. One Baba comes there and says the path is hard to cross in this weather and shows one house to her and tells her to stay there until rain and storm stops because no one lives in that house. Harleen learns about Sarab’s accident and calls hospital to know he was admitted there or not. Meher makes Sarab lay on the bed and cries seeing his condition. He asks for water in his unconscious state and she gives it to him.

She notices Baba standing outside house and asks him that does he have any medicines because her husband bleeding a lot and she has to stop it. Baba says only she can cure her husband and says God will take care of everything. She recalls how her father used to say that what they used to stop the bleeding when they didn’t had any medicines. She stops Sarab’s bleeding somehow and ties his forehead with cloth.

Police searches Sarab and Meher. Meher tells Sarab that he can’t go anywhere leaving her alone and says he only told her that they have whole life to talk to each other and asks him to keep his promise because he never breaks his promise and cries holding his hand. Police inspector meets Baba and asks about the house Meher and Sarab staying. Baba says that house is empty from long time and no one stays there. Constable says they should check there once. Police inspector says they won’t stay in that cheap place and leaves from there.

Sarab slightly regains his consciousness and and says she saved him once again. She says she will save him always and won’t let anything happen to him. He tells her to take care of their kids if anything happens to him then. She says nothing will happen to him and says she will take care of him and their kids and says everything will be fine. He says it’s difficult for him to stay alive. She asks him to think positive and hugs him and says she won’t leave the person who did this with him and recalls the truck number.

Ginni tells Gulwant that she talked to Robbie and got to know that Meher returned to Amritsar and she is the one who saved Sarab and took him somewhere. Gulwant says after 5 years Meher’s family reunited and it’s good news for her and destroys the truck.

Param shows family album to Seher. Seher says she wants to see their parents together in real not in pictures and asks when they will return. She says she won’t stay here without Meher and tries to go out of the house to find Meher. Param says Meher will return to house only and he is going to wait for her. Seher says she will also wait for Meher in the room. Param and Karan cheers Seher.

Meher calls Harleen and informs their location. Harleen reaches there with Doctor. Doctor treats him and takes him to hospital. Meher pleads Harleen to take her also and runs behind the ambulance. Harleen informs Police that she found Sarab. Meher says now she won’t separate from Sarab.

Episode ends.