Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her

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Episode begins with Gulwant drops Yuvi in the school. Yuvi’s friend says Yuvi should beat Karan if he won the competition today then. Yuvi says Karan is his brother so he won’t hear anything against him. Gulwant smiles hearing him. She notices Sarab and asks him about Meher and says she even called him so many times but he didn’t pick the call. She also asks Harleen about Meher but Harleen ignores her. She greets Sandhya and Sarab notices that and wonders how Gulwant knows her. Yuvi says he wants someone from cousins to win. Karan wonders how suddenly Yuvi changed. Param says it’s good that Yuvi changed. Sarab asks Sandhya that how she knows about Gulwant. Sandhya says Gulwant came to Gill mansion.

One student teases Karan saying his get up is not good because he didn’t pick any famous celebrity. Everyone laughs at him saying he can’t win today. Karan says he won’t participate in the competition and says Sarab really don’t know anything. Sandhya overhears their conversation and says she will help him to get ready. But he refused her saying he really doesn’t want to participate in the competition.

Gulwant asks Sandhya about Meher. Sandhya says still no news about Meher and tells her to not worry saying Meher will be fine. Host calls Karan. Sarab gets surprised seeing Karan’s new get up. Sandhya recalls how she convinced Karan saying Meher told her to help him. Everyone claps for Karan’s performance. Yuvi comes to the stage. Gulwant tells Sandhya that she helped Yuvi for his performance. She says she is missing Meher so much and says if her daughter was here then she would have enjoyed the kid’s performance and prays for her safety.

Constable tells Police inspector that they got information about Meher. Sarab thinks if Meher was here then she would be proud. Host calls Seher. Seher comes in Meher’s get up. Sarab and Gulwant gets emotional seeing her. Seher talks like Meher and Sarab smiles seeing her performance and recalls the moments he shared with Meher. Judge interrupts the performance saying they has to disqualify her because she didn’t pick any famous celebrity and it’s against the rules. Judge tells Sarab that Meher is not role model.

Seher says for her Meher is most famous person and she is such a hardworking person so for her she is role model and world’s best mother too. Sarab gets emotional hearing her. Everyone claps for Seher and Host too praises her. Host asks them to guess the winner and announces that Seher is the winner of the competition and calls Sarab to the stage. Karan and Param appreciates Seher. Sarab says he is proud of Seher. Seher gives the credit to Sandhya saying it was her idea and brings her to the stage. She says she want to take the trophy from Sandhya. IG of Police department calls Sarab and informs him that they found one lady’s dead body and they thinks it could be Meher’s dead body. Sarab shatters hearing that and informs about it to Harleen and Sandhya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab identifies the dead body.