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The episode begins with Meher realises that someone deliberately put rats on her house and decides to catch that person before evening. Vikram scolds Kaushal saying he can’t search Karan officially because Sarab is political leader and he doesn’t want to trouble him more. Meher was searching the person who put rats on her house. Those kids plans to trap Meher again.Meher says ghost will run away from their house. Sarab asks what she is planning to do. They hears glass breaking sound.

Sarab was about to go and see but Meher stops him saying she will go and see. Meher catches those kids and realises that she saw them in the park. Param says they are the same kids who they met in the park. Those kids skin starts to itching because of Meher’s trap.Param tells Sarab that Meher was right here no ghost stays but everything done by the kids whom they met in the park.Meher applies medicine on those kids to reduce their pain and cries.

One kid asks they are in pain but why she is crying. She says for mother all the kids are same only. Those kids says they doesn’t have parents. She tells them to become Param’s friends. One of kid says it’s their playing place so Meher has to vacate this house and leaves from there with other kids.Param gets sad because he doesn’t have any friends and says he wants to stay alone for sometime and leaves from there. Sarab says he has to go to work. Meher says he can’t go to work because he is in pain already and tells him to rest for today.

They argues with each other. He says nothing will happen to him. She says she doesn’t want to take any risk. He says if he doesn’t go to work then his family has to stay hungry and he can’t let that happen. She says she thought they will face this situation together like always but she was wrong. He says if he won’t go to work then from where money will come. Seeing Param they stops the fight.

Vikram’s car tyre gets punctured he asks those kids about puncture shop. Those kids shows one puncture shop. Then Vikram gets to know that those kids deliberately did this to get money from puncture shop owner. He gives money to them and shows Param, Karan’s picture to them and asks did they saw these kids anywhere. Gulwant calls Vikram and asks did he get to know about Meher. He says he still didn’t get any information about her and turns around and realises that those kids missing.

Meher tells Param that he will get friends and it will take time so he has to wait for right moment. She tells him to bring 1 bucket. Sarab recalls the fight and decides to not go to work today. Bucket is heavy so Param could not able to lift that. Sarab takes the bucket and says he will give this to Meher and tells Param to stay with Karan.

Param notices that Karan’s milk bottle is empty and goes out to buy milk for Karan with him. But he could not buy because he doesn’t have money. Karan starts to cry and Param apologize to him saying he will do something.

Episode ends.


Precap – Meher slaps Param.