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Episode begins with Mrs. Balla says that they will send Devika and Param to date once Devika recovers. Harleen tells her that no need of that. Kulwant asks her that did the latter changed her mind. Harleen says that she found the truth because it’s about her family’s happiness. Everyone gets confused hearing her. She informs them that she got hotel’s CCTV footage to know that what happened with Devika. Amrin and her parents comes there. Kulwant tells Bittu that Harleen planning to do drama for sure.

Harleen plays the CCTV footage. In that video, Amrin mixes something in Devika’s drink but her face is not visible. Harleen tells Seher that it’s Amrin who stole her necklace and put it in Neha’s purse. And also it’s Amrin who put peanut in Maithili’s food. Harleen reveals that hotel staff found her locker’s duplicate key in Amrin’s room. Amrin’s parents defends Amrin. Amrin says that her face is not visible in this footage then how can they accuse her. She tells Harleen that she knows that the latter didn’t liked her since beginning because she don’t belongs to royal family.

Seher tells her that they didn’t had any intention to insult her and her family and the latter can’t talk to Harleen like this. Amrin asks Param that if he also thinks that she did all this. He tells her that all the proof are against her only. Devika tells Amrin that the latter should not have done this.

Amrin says that Devika did all this to win swayamvar. Devika’s father defends Devika and he is about to leave from there but Harleen stops him saying that Param and Devika are made for each other so he should not separate them. Amrin and Devika fights for Param. Amrin says that she is innocent but she don’t have proof to prove her innocence but they will find out the truth one day and that day they will regret for sure. She leaves from there with her family.

Harleen tells Param that he won’t get a better girl than Devika. Param agrees with her and he chooses Devika to marry. Seher asks him that if he is sure. He nods at her and says that Devika has all the qualities which he wanted from his life partner. He promises to Devika’s parents that he will keep Devika happy. Devika’s parents also agrees for marriage. Everyone claps and dances around Param and Devika. Harleen tells Robbie that finally everything going on according to her wish. They plans to perform ‘roka’ ceremony. Seher asks Devika’s parents to shift to Gill mansion from hotel. Robbie asks Seher to invite Khushi. She tells him that she was thinking to invite Khushi.

Later, Devika slaps her father for overacting in front of Gill family. She tells her fake family that Gill family should not know about their real names because she worked a lot to deceive them. She recalls that how she trapped all the girls to win swayamvar. On the other hand, Seher, Karan and Param video calls Khushi. They informs her about Param’s marriage. They asks Khushi to return to India. She agrees for them. Rajveer comes there so Seher gives the mobile to him to talk to Khushi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer tells Seher that no one can separate them.

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