Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her

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Episode begins with Bride and Groom completes the marriage rituals. Meher comes there and everyone shocks seeing her except Kids. Harleen cries seeing Meher and Robbie consoles her. Kulwant gets happy seeing her daughter and says to her sons that she can see Meher now. Meher smiles at Kids. Kulwant hugs Meher and asks her to say that she is Meher only. Then she looks at Sandhya and recalls how asked Sarab to marry Sandhya and also the marriage which happened few minutes back.

She cries and apologize to Meher and informs her about Sarab and Sandhya’s marriage. She says to her that she took this decision for Kids sake. Meher says to her that the Groom can’t be Sarab. Harleen says to Meher that everyone thought she won’t return but Sarab believed that she will return and that’s what happened.

Meher says to her that she knows that Sarab won’t marry anyone else and he just belongs to her. Groom removes his veil and he turns out to be Sameer. Sarab and Meher looks at each other. Then they moves towards each other (Do Pal song plays in the background). He hugs her then smiles looking at her. Kulwant thanks God. Sandhya smiles looking at them. Sarab says to Meher that she made him cry so much but he believed that she will return and God won’t separate them. She apologize to him for giving pain to him.

He hugs her again and asks her to promise that she won’t go anywhere again leaving him. She says to him that she was always with him only. He teasingly says to her that Sandhya’s marriage happened today but Meher came from horse. She informs him that she stole the horse. He says to her that he loves her more than his life. She says to him that he is lying because she is his life and hugs him.

Then Meher hugs her Kids. Param asks her that where was she till now. They asks her to not go anywhere again and they missed her so much. They asks her to make their favorite dishes. They shares a group hug.

Harleen asks Sarab that how Sandhya’s marriage happened with Sameer. Sarab says to them that Sameer and Sandhya are childhood friends and Sameer is the one who is handling Rajan’s case. Sameer says to them it was his fate that he has to end up with Sandhya like this but he is happy and he shows the proof he has against Rajan and says to Sarab that Meher is alive so no one can do anything to him now.

Sandhya thanks Meher for saving her life. Meher says to her that she is proud of Sandhya and Sarab. Sarab thanks God for returning Meher to him. Meher proposes Sarab. Sarab accepts her proposal.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajan shocks seeing Meher. Meher slaps Rajan.