Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her

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Episode begins with Kulwant hugs Sarab and Meher and asks to play music. Everyone starts dancing to celebrate their happiness. Sarab dances with Meher and keep staring her. She says to him that everyone seeing them. He says to her that no one seeing them and asks her to kiss him. She says to him that she will kiss him and asks him to close his eyes and then she runs from there. Kulwant notices Sarab’s reaction and moves towards him. Sarab shocks seeing Ranna in front of him.

Rajan comes there and taunts Sarab. He asks Journalists to record everything and he tells them to reveal about Sarab and Sandhya’s marriage to the world. Sarab says to Rajan that he wanted proof for Meher’s death and calls Meher. Rajan shocks seeing Meher there and he recalls how he and Sandhya’s family tortured Meher. Meher stands in front of Rajan and slaps him to prove that she is alive then she continuesly slaps him.

He asks her that how is this possible when he himself killed her. Journalists shocks hearing his confession and questions him. Sarab orders Police to arrest Rajan. Rajan says to them that it can’t be Meher. Sarab shows pendrive to him saying that he has proof against him. Police takes Rajan from there.

Later, Harleen and Kulwant asks Meher that what happened to her. Meher reveals that Sandhya’s mother already planned back up plan to save her from Sandhya’s father and brother and she doesn’t remember what happened to her after that. She hugs Sarab in fear. He gives water to her and tells her to not think about anything now and consoles her. Sandhya praises Punjab people and Meher praises Haryana people. Sarab announces that no entry for sadness in Gill mansion from now on and Sandhya’s marriage happened today and Meher too returned so they have many reasons to celebrate.

Seher asks Meher to pick one chit from bowl. Meher gets Sarab’s name. Seher says to her that Sarab is her partner in dance. Sarab and Meher dances on ” Gerua ” song. Everyone claps for them. Robbie becomes Kulwant’s dance partner. Jeeto becomes Ginni’s dance partner. Ranna becomes Bittu’s dance partner. Robbie and Kulwant dances Tukur Tukur song. Then Ranna and Bittu. Then Jeeto and Ginni. Then everyone joins them.

Kids says that now dance partners should change. Meher gets Kulwant’s name but she says she got Harleen’s name. Kids questions her about her lie. Meher says to them that she is not feeling well and goes inside. Jeeto says to Kulwant that Meher ignoring her. Kulwant recalls how she treated Meher after Jagga’s death and says to her that she deserves this

Kulwant says to them she is tired so she is leaving. Kids pleads her to stay. Kulwant says to Sandhya that she will miss her and tells Sameer to take care of Sandhya. Sarab says to Meher that Kulwant did so much for their family when Meher was not with them and tells her what all Kulwant did for them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher teases Sarab when he tries to spend time with her.