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The episode begins with Meher informs Tarkash that she has to leave now and tells him to bring his wife and daughter to party. He says he may attend but not his family because his wife is such a shy person and she doesn’t likes to attend party and all. Yuvi was taking money from cupboard. Amrita scolds him for stealing money. He says she is theif because she is the one who stole Gulwant’s jewels. Amrita shatters hearing him.

Jagga scolds Yuvi for talking like that to Amrita and tells him to apologize to her. Gulwant supports Yuvi saying he is speaking truth only then why he should apologize and says how Amrita stoled jewels to help her family. Amrita says those jewels were hers. Gulwant tells Jagga about coaching centre matter too. He gets angry and questions Amrita. Sarab was recalling about Meher’s words and was doing work from home. Param says he has to tell shayari to him.

Sarab says he is busy and asks him to not disturb him. But Param tells shayari so Sarab yells at Param. Meher comes there. Sarab taunts Meher. Meher sends Param from there and tells him to not behave like this in front of Param. Tarkash asks Arti that did she met Meher and says seems like she came here to collect proof against him. Arti accepts that she met Meher. Sarab asks what proof she got there. Meher tells him everything which happened in Tarkash’s house .

He says so she didn’t find any proof against Tarkash. He says if she proves it then he himself will punish Tarkash.  She says today Tarkash won’t bring Arti and his daughter and says her heart says he is wrong and she will prove it to him today no matter what. Jagga scolds Amrita saying he is still alive and if she wanted money then she should have asked him. She says how can she give money to her family taking from him.

She says lovely faced loss in his business and says she just wanted to help her family. She says he too wants to keep Gulwant happy so why can’t she help her family. Jagga says men and women are not same and warns her. Yuvi tells Jagga to not scold Amrita and apologize to her for his behaviour. Gulwant says they has to leave for new year party. Ginni says she is excited. Harleen gives candies to Param. Param says Meher will scold him if she saw him eating candies then. Gulwant and her family reaches Gill mansion.

Sarab welcomes them and tells them to enjoy. He plans to ignore Meher but gets mesmerized seeing her.  Param teases him. Meher says she wants to talk to him about something. He says he is waiting to hear her apology. She asks why she will apologize to him. He says she realised her mistake that’s why.
She says he is wearing two different color shoes by mistake. He says it’s new fashion. Tarkash comes there with Arti and his daughter. Arti recalls how she hided her wounds with makeup. Sarab defends Tarkash and asks Meher to see how happy Arti looking. Meher praises Arti’s makeup.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tarkash was warning Arti. Meher shows that to Sarab.