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Episode begins with Vikram stops them and tells them to listen him also before going from here. He says when they can’t understand his pain then they doesn’t have the rights to talk about pain. He says he knows that Karan would have cried but it pained him more than him and he took this decision for his better future only.

says till now she tolerated all of the nonsense of Vikram but not anymore and says Karan will stay with them only no matter what. Vikram says then they will meet in court for Karan’s custody. Sarab says God is above anyone and he knows that God is with them and they leaves from there. Harleen enters the house angrily. Sonia takes her kids from there and tells his kids to not play with Param again.

 Harleen asks what happened why she is telling like this. Sonia says she too knows what happened in press conference and takes her kids from there. Param cries saying from now on no one will play with him because his friend’s parents stopped them and also his friends talking bad about his family.

Harleen consoles him saying she will make everything fine and tells him to go to his room. She thinks Sarab should not have done this. Public blocks Sarab’s car from entering his house and tells him to give Karan to Manav. Security guards clears the path. Sarab tells Meher to stay confident and says even if whole world is against them he won’t give Karan to Vikram. They enters the house.

Harleen asks what’s happening here and says because of him everything finished. She asks who is Manav to Sarab and asks who is Karan’s biological father to Meher. Sarab takes Vikram’s name. Harleen shocks hearing him and thinks about Aditi. Sarab says Vikram is Meher’s past and tells her to think calmly without getting hyper. She says he should have thought before doing press conference and revealing the truth to everyone.

She says this much happened but Meher didn’t tell her anything. Meher says they didn’t wanted to trouble her and thought they can handle everything and waited for right time. Harleen tells her about Param and says everyone in Punjab is against them today. Sarab tells Meher to go to Param. Harleen asks Sarab that what he will tell Aditi now.


Meher asks Param that what happened to him. Param says his friends told him that his family members are bad and Karan is not his real brother. Meher convinces him and tells him to eat the sandwich she brought for him.

Harleen says they can convince Param but what about Aditi. She says she was already about this and tells him to give Karan to Vikram and tell everything to Aditi. He says they are fighting for Karan’s custody and they did the press conference also for that only. Aditi calls Sarab.

Sarab says he wants to talk to her about something important and says he will meet her in hospital. He informs that to Meher. Meher says she also wants to accompany him but he stops her saying he and Harleen going to the hospital. Vikram’s lawyer tells Vikram that Aditi should support him in this case going against Sarab. Sarab warns Patak saying he won’t forgive him. He says he won’t leave anyone who hurted Karan.


Episode ends.


Precap – Patak sends Karan’s DNA report to Aditi. Aditi attempts to kill Meher.