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Episode begins with Meher praises Arti’s makeup and points out the wound which is visible. Arti lies saying she hit her forehead on washing machine. Sarab tells them to enjoy the party. Meher tries to say something but Sarab stops her. She says Arti lying. He says she is not lying instead Meher expecting her to say the thing which she wants to hear. He says she doesn’t trust him and expresses his disappointment. She says she has to say this and says Arti lying because of fear.

He says she is suspecting a lot and not seeing the facts. She asks him come to party saying everyone waiting for him because now arguing is waste of time. He says he won’t come and sits there. Gulwant asks Meher about Sarab. Meher says he is resting in his room. Param tells Meher that Karan crying. She tells him to inform it to Sarab and also tell him that she is busy.

Param bring Sarab to party saying Karan crying and Meher is busy with guests. Meher says she wants to talk to Jagga alone. She says Amrita said that he don’t want her to work. He says when Amrita has everything then why she should work. She says Amrita feels her mother is her responsibility that’s why she wants to work to help her mother and asks him to let her work. He says Gulwant won’t give permission.

She says Gulwant herself works and asks him to give permission to Amrita. He looks at Amrita who is standing there and says she can do work but not coaching centre because Gulwant doesn’t likes it and tells Amrita to smile. Meher smiles seeing them together and notices Tarkash, Arti and follows them. She sees how Tarkash was threatening Arti. Sarab praises Yuvi’s shayari. Meher tells Sarab that she will show proof against Tarkash and takes him to them.

Sarab sees Tarkash behaving well with Arti. Meher says he is acting now because few minutes back only he was threatening her. He says he return to party just for Karan and leaves from there. Gulwant notices that Jagga, Amrita looks happy. Jagga tells Gulwant that Meher make him understand everything and says Amrita can work now. Meher asks Tarkash’s daughter about Arti’s wound. Tarkash’s daughter gets afraid seeing Tarkash and tries to leave from there.

Tarkash comes there and says he already told Meher that his wife and his daughter are such a shy people and they hardly talks to other people. She tells Param to play with her. Yuvi and Param takes her with them. Tarkash tells Arti that their daughter went to play with Param and asks her to bring their daughter back. Param was playing with Tarkash’s daughter and asks her about her friends. She says she doesn’t has any friend.

Robbie comes to party and meets Harleen and says he will apologize to Sarab so let him attend the party. She says he would have spend all the money that’s why he is here and gives money to him and tells him not come back. Param was showing cartoon clips to Tarkash’s daughter. Arti gets happy seeing her daughter’s smile after ages. Harleen notices that something is wrong between Sarab and Meher and announces game.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher shows Arti’s wounded face to Sarab.