Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her

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Episode begins with Meher is Team A’s captain. Sarab is Team B’s captain. Seher asks Meher that why she is wearing salwar for match. Meher tells her that she has confidence to win the match so dress is not matter. Seher asks Harleen to join them. But Harleen refuse her saying that she will watch them play. Sarab says to Meher that if he win today then she has to say “I love you” to him. She says to him that there is good news for him which is he is going to lose today.

Param says to them that his jersey number is 1 so his team will win for sure. Karan says to him that number 5 is stronger than number 1 so his team will win. Meher distracts Sarab while playing. Sarab adores Meher’s beauty. Seher asks Sarab to focus on the match. Both team scores 1. Sarab distracts Meher and which angers Meher and she pushes Sarab. So Team Sarab gets penalty kick. But Param saves that goal. Harleen and Meher appreciates Param.

Bittu and Ranna fights with each other. Kulwant stops them and asks that why they are fighting with each other. Bittu says to her that Ranna insulted him in the office in front of employees. He asks Kulwant to not interfere. Kulwant gets angry and beats him and says to them that she wants profit in every month.

During break time, Meher says to Seher that they will watch movie after break time over. Seher asks her that why she is talking about movie when they are playing football match. Meher forgets about the match then remembers little bit.

Harleen asks Param to drink juice but he goes to drink water. Param says to Karan that his team will win because Meher is in his team. Karan says to him that Param is jealous because Sarab is in his team. Meher gives juice to them saying that they can’t discuss about match inside the house.

Harleen talks to football coach and tells him that he wants her son to play in centre forward position in team. Coach says to her that Karan is brilliant player but he can’t say that Param will be selected in the football team or not. Param gets injured while playing and gets worried thinking about selection.

Sarab asks Meher to bring ice pack and calls the Doctor. Doctor informs them that there is no fracture but there is major sprain so he should take complete bed rest for next 3 days. Harleen scolds Meher for kicking the ball fastly. Sarab says to her that Meher didn’t do that deliberately. Harleen says to him that now Param can’t go for selection because of Meher.

Yuvi’s friends teases Yuvi for cheating in online class. Later, Seher asks Karan to not go for selection because Param can’t go. But Karan refuse to listen her saying that he will go definitely and will be selected too. Meher blames herself for Param’s injury. Sarab asks her to ignore Harleen’s harsh words. He reminds her that how Kulwant treated Param when he sprained his leg earlier. But Meher doesn’t remember that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher forgets her marriage anniversary.